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N Health introduces UVC Disinfection Service

N Health

N Health, the leading healthcare service provider supporting the hospital business domestically and internationally, introduces its latest offering: “UVC Disinfection Service,” highlighting an innovative sterile process in enclosed spaces for superior cleanliness. Outstanding with the ability to eliminate up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria with UVC light, the new service underlines 20 years of expertise and experience in hospital sterilization from N Health, ready to create the ultimate health safety for residential homes, government agencies, and all types of business establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, medical clinics, offices, educational institutions, retail stores, shopping malls, warehouses, as well as factories and production lines in closed areas.

Ensure your confidence with a shield of protection against the spread of COVID-19 for your family members, employees, and customers with the “UVC Disinfection Service”. This advanced decontamination process helps create ultimate cleanliness through the ultraviolet C or UVC, which is high-intensity light-wave energy, providing a powerful force to exterminate pathogens on surfaces by destroying their DNA and RNA. The process leads to the inactivation of the viruses and bacteria, causing the infection to be completely dead and unable to propagate further*.

The use of UVC light is free from chemical residues and safe for people and pets. After the service is complete, the sterile spaces can be accessed and utilized immediately. UVC light is clinically recognized for its actual ability to kill viruses and bacteria in only a matter of minutes. In addition, N Health focuses on building customer’s confidence in service quality with our team of highly experienced professionals who have excellent skills through extensive training. Our experts strictly observe social distancing measures during the disinfecting operations to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Lower your risk of COVID-19 infections and eliminate up to 99.9% of germs in your home and workplace today. To view more details about the “UVC Disinfection Service” and make an appointment for an area assessment with the N Health expert team, please contact the following channels:

Phone: 02-762-4099 (Business opens between 7.00 and 19.00 hrs.)

Line account: @csbiomedical

Email: [email protected]


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*Data obtained from a microbiological testing by the swab culture method: counting the number of remaining germs up to the stage of assessing the likelihood of incubation.