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MAGGI Joins Betagro to Penetrate the Ready-to-Eat Food Market


MAGGI, a requisite seasoning sauce of all households, joined hands with Betagro, a high-quality food manufacturer and food safety with BQM standards, to penetrate the consistently rising ready-to-eat or RTE food market. By focusing more on consumers’ new lifestyle and enhancing market opportunities through the co-branding tactic, MAGGI and Betagro aim to expand their customer base through modern trade channel by launching a new product under the concept of “Must-try Street Food Menus”. The concept is to serve the most popular street food menus of all time in convenient ready-to-eat meal boxes, available at Lotus’s nationwide.

Food Intelligence Center unveiled the figure of the 2020’s RTE food market value at over 21 billion baht, representing a growth rate of more than 11% compared to that of the previous year – a greater growth than the overall market. The key reasons of this flourishing growth were due to the ongoing pandemic situation, which has shifted consumers’ dining lifestyle, and a more diverse range and remarkable choices of products. Moreover, it is expected that, within 2021, the RTE food market will be ceaselessly flying high and reaching the market value of up to 23 billion baht.

Ms. Cruawan Varunpaichit, Business Executive Officer – Food and Nestlé Professional, Nestlé Indochina talked about MAGGI’s latest business model where it first introduced ready meals and enhanced the variety of the ready-to-eat food product category, “MAGGI has noticed high growth potential of the RTE food market, especially in the modern trade outlets. As a requisite seasoning sauce that has been with Thai people for a long time, MAGGI today does not limit itself to be only within the kitchen.

We have adjusted our strategy to be more consumer-oriented and are committed to providing food products in a variety of forms. MAGGI in collaboration with Betagro works to emphasize the strengths of both brands, offering our uniquely flavorful and aromatic seasoning sauces and high quality ingredients through chilled and frozen ready-to-eat food products to fulfill the preferences of all consumers in terms of convenience and quality with deliciousness guaranteed.”

This time co-branding strategy between MAGGI and Betagro under the concept of “Must-try Street Food Menus” is a synergy of strengths and expertise of both brands in raising the standards of ready-to-eat food. It will offer alternative menus to a wider range of consumers through easily accessible modern trade channels, reaping market opportunities and expanding their customer base, as well as penetrating into the group of consumers who love the authentic taste of street food.

Mr. Kritsana Wudhiprasertkul, Vice President of Marketing – Food Business of Betagro Group, stated that “Betagro, as a manufacturer of high quality and safe food, has a strong commitment to lift up the standard of food industry, included ready-to-eat food with more accessibility. Betagro has seen an opportunity to expand our customer base with high quality and a more variety of ready-to-eat product ranges, which well responses to the needs of modern consumers who are looking for convenient, tasty, good quality and safety foods.

‘Must-try Street Food Menus’ comes with fresh and clean meats with wholesome quality tasty ingredients. The meals have been deliberately cooked under a production process that meets requirements of international standards. It creates ready-to-eat meals with delicious taste guaranteed by MAGGI and allows consumers to experience the familiar authentic street food they long for, especially in the current situation. The products will be easy to locate and safe to buy from every Lotus’s branch near you.”

The “Must-try Street Food Menus” concept is inspired by iconic street foods sold in famous areas around Bangkok. MAGGI and Betagro have teamed up to recreate those popular and favorite dishes, all of which come in ready-to-eat packages, either frozen or chilled. They are available at Lotus’s nationwide with a guarantee on convenience, safety, and reliability in terms of freshness and hygiene standards.

In this regard, there are 3 menus to choose from, including Fried Pork with Rice, Braised Chicken and Shiitake Mushroom with Rice, Braised Cocoa Pork with rice and Braised Cocoa Pork (without rice), at prices starting from only 45 baht. Moreover, consumers can simply heat their products at all Lotus’s branches, or conveniently take them home for next meals. Enjoy the authentic taste of mouth-watering street foods and indulge in the flavorful taste and pleasant aroma contributed by the richness of MAGGI sauce.