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True Group combines 2 exclusive packages for customers


True Group, a Thai integrated digital lifestyle leader and world-class King of Content on TrueID and TrueVisions, upgrades happiness for TrueMove H customers, offering 2 special valuable packages based on your preferences via TrueID to watch at anytime anywhere on all digital platforms at only 49 baht per month 1)“True Premier Football Lite” valuable package to welcome the new English Premier League season for Thais to cheer their favorite teams for 4 matches every week with re-run and

2) “Combo Pack” a supreme entertainment content with double fun from the combination of favorite package from TrueID+ from TrueID and TrueVisions NOW LITE 24, popular channels from TrueVisions that packed with top movies, hit series, outstanding varieties, live premium sports and documentaries from global alliances such as Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Dreamwork Pictures, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, KBS and CJ E&M that offer over 4,000 global premium hit contents via TrueID platforms on application, website and TrueID box from everywhere at all time on all devices from Smartphone, Tablet, Computer and TrueID box.

This would create the best never-ending impressive experience exclusively for TrueMove H customers. Apply for “Combo Pack” from July 27th to August 31st, 2021 press *301*50# dial out or at Apply for “True Premier Football Lite” package during 13-31 August, 2021

Mrs. Nutta Phasupat, Mobile Postpay Director, True Corporation Plc. Said that “as the digital lifestyle provider that focus on the ongoing lifestyle change with data analysis team that truly understand customers’ demand in order to fully accommodate lifestyle of customers in the digital era, who currently are not only looking for high quality network experiences, but also access to various contents on multiple platforms from everywhere at all time. Therefore, TrueID, as the digital platform and content leader along with TrueVisions, a world-class content provider that offers complete content from everywhere in the world brought their strength to deliver exclusive privileges to TrueMove H pre-paid and post-paid customers with 2 valuable packages to choose

1. “Combo Pack” double the fun with the combination of 2 entertainment worlds with best viewing experiences from over 4,000 hit contents from TrueID+ , an on-demand entertainment content provider and TrueVisions NOW LITE, a streaming content from premium TrueVisions channels at only 49 baht per month for the first 6 months and at 99 bath for the 7th month and beyond (from 238 baht per month). Apply for “Combo Pack” from July 27th to August 31st, 2021 press *301*50# dial out or at

2.“True Premier Football Lite” especially for football fans with 4 matches per week of English Premier League season 2021/22 with re-run in which TrueVisions is the sole rights holder in Thailand at only 49 baht per month (from 149 baht per month). Apply for “True Premier Football Lite” package during 13-31 August, 2021”

Dr.Torboon Puangmaha, Managing Director of True Digital & Media Platform and Online Station of True Digital Group Co., Ltd. said that “TrueID brought this special happiness exclusively for TrueMove H customers with “Combo Pack” from unlimited entertainment world of TrueID+ for on-demand viewing experience from everywhere every time with world-class exclusive contents of Hollywood blockbusters from Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Dreamworld Pictures,

Lionsgate and Sony Pictures along with Oscar Award Winning Korean Film, Parasite, a dance competition show from China, modern hit Chinese series, The Musical, a broadway musical from Scenario and remake series from TrueCJ. Moreover, there are Thai hit contents that won awards from global stages, rare classic Thai series as well as other entertainment from world-class content alliances such as BBC, KBS, CJ E&M, Saha Mongkol Films, GDH559, GMMTV, One 31 and BEC with contents for all family’s members including animation, anime and various children programs.”

Ms.Nantanee Wongumnitkul, Associate Director of TrueVisions Business, True Corporation Plc. Said that “TrueVisions NOW LITE is a streaming service for 24 popular channels from TrueVisions that serve all generations in this modern era for all family’s members packed with Thai and international films, Asian hit series and English Premier League, the top English league for sports lovers along with PGA Tour, WTA Tour and live sports to support Thai athletes in which they participated. Moreover, there are variety, documentary, cartoon such as Asian food network, TLC, Love Nature, True Explore Sci, True Spark Jump, CNBC and much more contents with 7-day re-run service that assure customers will not miss their favorite contents.”

TrueMove H customers who wish to apply for “Combo Pack” from July 27th to August 31st, 2021 press *301*50# dial out or at Apply for “True Premier Football Lite” package during 13-31 August, 2021