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Osotspa Unveils Sustainability Roadmap With Reduce Environmental Impact


Osotspa announces sustainability roadmap, aiming to reduce the impact on the environment, support the health and well-being of consumers as well as to create sustainable growth throughout the value chain. The roadmap includes a target to source raw materials sustainably, reducing imported ingredients and use more domestic supplies. The Company also sets the goal of converting its packaging to be recyclable, reusable, or compostable.

Mrs. Wannipa Bhakdibutr, President of Osotspa Public Company Limited, revealed that Osotspa Sustainability has been actively integrated into our core corporate strategy. Osotspa’s sustainability objectives revolve around 3 core pillars. 1) Business Pillar focuses on creating sustainable growth for Osotspa’s business and its partners in the value chain; 2) Social Pillar aims to create good health for consumers through our quality products, to drive employees in the organization to grow together with business expansion and to create sustainable living for the communities through projects aimed at enhancing community livelihood; 3) Environment Pillar is determined to reduce the environmental impacts from the production process. Our employees are an overall driving force to achieve sustainability targets.

In line with those three pillars, Osotspa has formulated a sustainability roadmap comprising five main areas with clear five-year commitments (2020-2025) as following:

Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain: Osotspa focuses on sustainable sourcing. Growing alongside our suppliers, the Company helps enhance their knowledge and develop their capability, especially farmers who supply herbal ingredients for the company’s products. Osotspa will reduce the import of herbs that can be cultivated and grown locally and will source them domestically. The Company will support the planting trials of herbs that cannot be grown in the country. Moreover, Osotspa assesses our suppliers on ESG and enhances their understanding of good governance and code of conducts.

Promoting Consumer Health & Well-being: Osotspa is committed to delivering healthy products to consumers. The company has set a goal to reduce the sugar content in the products. All new beverage formulations will be low sugar or zero sugar while 50% of our confectionery and healthcare product portfolio will be sugar-free within 5 years. Sugar content has been reduced in some products, such as Boton products. This sugar reduction is a success in delivering healthier products to Thai people.

The Use of Sustainable Packaging: Due to a large amount of consumer products are consumed every day, sustainable packaging development is therefore the key to reducing waste. Osotspa has a target that by 2030, all packaging will be recyclable to reduce environmental impact and increase the rate of plastic recycling in Thailand.

Water Management: More than just a major ingredient in our beverage products, water is a vital resource for the well-being of local communities. The Company hence emphasizes the importance of water efficiency and targets to reduce the use of water in production by 40%. Although this is rather a high figure, with determination and effective management, Osotspa is ready to face such challenges.

Energy & Climate Change Management: Osotspa is committed to mitigating climate change impact throughout the company’s value chain. The goal is to reduce energy consumption by 10% by 2025 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% through energy management and use of renewable energy, such as solar energy and biomass. The Company will undertake numerous energy saving initiatives with the objectives of reducing energy consumption and utilizing the resources at its maximum efficiency.

In addition, as a beverage manufacturer with large consumption rate each day, Osotspa is ready to be a force to help reduce the amount of waste. Osotspa joins force with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, the Pollution Control Department, the Department of Internal Trade, Metropolitan the Police Division 4 and the Audit and Monitoring Committee of the Police Administration in organizing the project “Bottle to Bottle.” The project aims to collect used glass bottles and take them into the recycling process as raw materials for producing new bottles. A pilot trial will kick off in the communities in Hua Mak area, where Osotspa is located, by the end of year 2021.

“Osotspa’s products have been in Thai people’s daily lives for more than 130 years. With the bond with Thai society, Osotspa is committed to driving sustainable growth for the organization, stakeholders, society and environment. We believe that our clear goals and full implementation of sustainability plans, focusing on business, society and environment, will allow Osotspa to achieve our targets and have sustainable growth with Thai society,” concluded Mrs. Wannipa.