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Landy Home revealed its sales of over 900 million baht before closing Q2/21


Landy Home revealed its sales of over 900 million baht before closing quarter 2 Expecting home price to increase 5-10% in quarter 3 and 4 Activating purchase by organizing Landy Home Mid Year Sale 2021

Ms. Pornrat Maneerattanaporn, Assistant Managing Director & Sale Director, Landy home (Thailand) Co., Ltd., revealed that the trend of home construction market in quarter 3 and 4 is expected to increase by 5 -10% as a result of the increase in price of construction materials especially metal which has increased over 40% in price since the beginning of the year as well as labor cost which has also risen from the fact that foreign labors cannot enter Thailand.

Hence, large-scale home constructors and projects need to rely on Thai labors. Despite the rise in cost of metal, to serve the needs of customers for quality home at the budget they set, Landy Home has employed its stock management strategy on its materials as well as negotiating with its suppliers to fix the material price.

As a result, numbers of customers are making their decision to build their homes in this period to prevent the risk of price fluctuation which could result in higher cost. At Landy Home Open House, which was held in early May this year, the company was able to generate the sales at 200 million baht helping the company achieving over 900 million-baht sales from January to May 2021.

Revenue broken down by home segment are small homes under the brand Trendy Home price 2 – 5 million baht at 18%, mid-size homes under the brand Landy Home price 5 – 15 million baht at 53%, and luxury home under the brand Landy Grand price over 15 million baht at 29%.

Apart from customers making quick decision to build their homes regarding the rising trend of material cost, the reputation of the company also helps guaranteeing the quality customers would get from their homes as well as technologies to provide convenience also play important role to drive our growth despite slow economy.

Every house Landy Home build is equipped with CAP+  ( Clean Air Positive Pressure to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and maintain Oxygen (O2) level resulting in healthier air to better health, good for kids brain development, quality sleep, reducing PM 2.5, reduce allergic substances, prevent bacteria, and serve the trend of staying home lifestyle as a result of COVID-19.

Ms. Pornrat Maneerattanaporn added that Landy is preparing the biggest event of the year “Landy Home Mid Year Sale.. Fast Build with COVID-19 promotion X2” on June 7th – 13th, 2021 at all branches of Landy Home to speed up home building decision before the price increase in quarter 3 and 4.

Special promotions include Gift Box Gift Surprise with X2 reservation discount up to 500,000 baht, home building discount up to 30%, free 6.5 million baht gold or contract fee discount up to 175,000 baht, CAP+ system installed in every home, Landy Elder Care upgrade, and free other premium upgrades, etc.

Meanwhile, the company still focuses on safety and cleanliness of all its branches with maximum COVID-19 protection. Customers can receive the services in 3 areas including Private Meeting at the branch, Hangout or Zoom appointment, and Home Delivery with model and expertise send directly to your home.

Those who plan to build home this year or next year cannot miss “Landy Home Mid Year Sale.. Fast Build with COVID-19 promotion X2” on June 7th – 13th, 2021 at all branches of Landy Home. For more information, please visit or call 02-938-3456.