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“BRIDGESTONE R156” Excellent Radial Tire for Truck Selected


Thai Bridgestone Co., Ltd., a global leader in sustainable mobility and advanced solutions, officially announced that “BRIDGESTONE R156, has been selected for ISUZU FRR 210/190(Medium chassis and Long chassis), which was newly released in Thailand market on 15 February 2021 onwards.

Under the concept of a tire that offers excellent performance in many functions, Bridgestone is committed to developing BRIDGESTONE R156 for longer driving conditions. Therefore, ISUZU trusted and selected BRIDGESTONE R156, fitting rims 17.5 inches to maximize all journeys for New ISUZU FRR 210/190 (Medium chassis and Long chassis).

BRIDGESTONE R156 Key Features*

  • Longer tread life and Retreadable
    BRIDGESTONE R156 is designed with larger belt for more durability and heavy loading. Bead construction uses wire chafer and dual nylon technology with 2 layers of reinforced tarpaulin (WA + 2N) to reduce the problem of broken edges and prevent separation of the rubber bead.

  • Optimum rib distribution to minimize irregular wear
    BRIDGESTONE R156 distributes pressure (Square footprint) to reduce tread deform and evenly distribute into the touch surface.

  • Reduces noise
    BRIDGESTONE R156 can provide features to reduces noise and offers comfortable driving.

BRIDGESTONE R156” as original equipment on “ISUZU FRR 210/190” (Medium chassis and Long chassis)



Tire Size

ISUZU FRR 210/190




ISUZU FRR 210/190” Information

ISUZU FRR 210/190”, a king of medium truck comes with 17.5” wheels and radial tubeless tires (Medium chassis and Long chassis) to provide smoother and better grip on the road. Super Common Rail Engine 4KH1-TCS Model, 210 Horsepower (For FRR90LSXXU, NSXXU Model) and 4HK1-TCR, 190 Horsepower (For FRR90LNXXU, NNXXU) with good acceleration and fuel economy are ready to serve your confident driving with 6 speed transmission system, Air-Over Hydraulic brake system (AOH), with large rear axles and differentials for heavy load. In addition, you can get more convenient driving with electric windows and central locking.

Mr. Kensuke Yoshida, Sales Director of Thai Bridgestone Co., Ltd. said “We are proud that our, “BRIDGESTONE R156” developed with the unique superior technology, has been selected for the unique feature of “ISUZU FRR 210/190”. Its performance can offer comfortable driving and maximize confident safety for all journeys.