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Blendata aims to grow 100%, ready to penetrate APEC in 5 years


Blendata, a platform developer for smart Big Data management services in G-Able Group, has introduced a new experience to all employees in organizations to be able to access data more easily despite not being Big Data experts.  Blendata has made organizations work 3 times faster and reduced costs by two thirds with its all-in-one Big Data platform serving new business trends driven by data.  The firm has set its target for 100% growth in 2021, and entering APEC markets in the next 5 years.

Dr. Chaiyuth Chunnahacha, President of G-Able Group, disclosed that we now live in an era of businesses being driven by Big Data, while people’s lifestyles have fully transitioned to the digital era. As a result, Big Data is anticipated to grow 230 Billion US dollars globally in 2025, or 7 trillion baht. Particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of using Big Data has been accelerated in business operations.

There is a need for organizations to accelerate their development.  In making every decision and working, they have to use data to analyze and make decisions, not just at the management level, but increasingly by every department in the organization.  However, pushing all employees to access and use data on their own is not easy.  Data experts and various management tools are still in need.

G-Able Group, the leading total IT and digital solution service provider with over 32 years’ experience, aims to help businesses with digital transformation, driving its customers’ businesses to successfully achieve their targets. The world nowadays is facing fast changing technologies –the key drivers of social and economic development in the country.  Technologies have also tremendously changed people’s lives.  Businesses in all sectors have had to adapt quickly to overcome challenges from those changes, and join hands to co-develop and create innovation to drive businesses together.

Big Data is a crucial mechanism in increasing business opportunities for long-term sustainable growth. G-Able looks for solutions to manage and deploy Big Data which are easy to use, convenient, quick and not complex, so that everybody in the corporation can use it to improve business operating results and generate strong growth.

“Blendata is a new generation company supported by G-Able.  The company was not founded from management ideas, but from the ideas and intention of G-Able employees to develop 

Big Data management platforms which meet the needs of all-in-one applications. It is a platform which transforms complex data management into something more convenient and simpler.

It simplifies Big Data management with systems that are designed to have all of the essential functions for managing data in a single platform. It is easy to use, and quickly enables the corporation and its business to be Data-Driven. It also opens up new opportunities and goes beyond traditional boundaries in the era of data-driven business,” concluded Dr Chaiyuth.

Mr Natnapat Rachataviwat, CEO and co-founder of Blendata Company Limited, revealed that Thailand is currently facing with three major hurdles in driving its enterprises with Big Data successfully. These are: 1. Efficiently integrating large amounts of data from many different sources; 2. Complexity of data infrastructures; 3. Costs of managing Big Data, whether Hardware, Software, or expert personnel who are hard to find in Thailand and thus generate high costs.

Blendata had the original idea of developing a platform to solve this problem for enterprises looking for “opportunities” hidden in the “data”, for everyone in the company to access data as much as possible. This led to the development of a platform to comprehensively manage Big Data which was easy to use, despite a lack of coding knowledge, and deal with all three pain points mentioned above.

Highlights of the all-in-one Blendata platform include:

  1. Reducing time and complexity of data integration and utilization, such as with the combined dashboard display which is easy to use with no need for coding.
  2. Connecting the enterprise’s Big Data for utilization from many sources, whether Databases, Flat files, Log and Cloud Storage.
  3. Rapid processing and analysis of data, despite the massive volumes, with parallel processing technology
  4. Open platform storing data in Open formats with APIs which can connect to other platforms and not just Blendata.
  5. Running independently in every environment, such as Bare metal, Virtual Machine, or Hyper-converged, or it can run on existing large data infrastructures such as Hadoop ecosystem.
  6. Reducing costs in personnel, computer resources, software and maintenance, by combining Big Data management functions in a single platform.

A current product now starting service is “Blendata Enterprise” platform. This service is targeted at large enterprises, with plans to roll out additional products for Big Data management, to expand services to cover and meet the needs of medium-sized businesses within this year.

“The “Blendata Enterprise” of Blendata can manage complex data 270% or 3 times faster and save costs by up to 160% or two-thirds.  The company currently has over 15 customers from 11 industries which include telecoms, finance and banking and the services sector. Since 2016, the first year of Blendata’s operations, the business has grown at an average annual rate of 50% over the past 5 years. In 2020, Blendata has grown its first-year revenues sevenfold, and growth targets in 2021 are 100% with the target for 3 years of continuous growth. There are also plans to expand markets into the APEC group of companies within 5 years,” concluded Mr Natnapat.