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CP All ready for 7 Go Green Mission 2021

7 Go Green

CP All and its affiliated companies like 7-Eleven and 7-Delivery have launched the eco-friendly project of 7 Go Green Mission through 24 hours for reaching an ultimate goal for conserving and preserving environment in a sustainable way that is in line with the company’s practice on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Single-use plastic bag ban is still the main pathway to go for reducing the daily waste problem.

Mr.Yuthasak Poomsurakul, Managing director (Co.) of CP All, explained that the policy of 7 Go Green 2021 through 24 hours was set up for enhancing community and society development based on environmental conservation in a sustainable way, which has been done since 2007 for reducing the single-use plastic bag.

In December 7, 2018, it launched a campaign of “Just reduce one bag a day, you can do it”, which met with a great success by reducing a number of daily plastic bag use that could change into the money value of over 211 million baht for the donation to Siriraj Hospital, community hospitals and other hospitals located in remote area in total 154 hospitals.

Moreover, he added that the company has firmed on the principle of social and environmental responsibility by focusing on the global issue of climate change phenomenal that is now heating the world’s temperature. The company has determined to run the business in the environmentally friendly way by focusing on an action to reduce the greenhouse emission, energy use in a sustainable way, eco-friendly food container design and co-work with consumers to stop the global warming.

For this year, the company has set up the pathway to green environment under the project of 7 Go Green Mission 2021. They are

1.Green Building: It will improve the convenient shop into more environmentally-friendly practices with better energy efficiency. They put more focus on using energy-saving technology, including air conditioning machine with inverter system, LED light lamp, solar cell system, temperature controlling in refrigerators. Meanwhile, the knockdown store project will focus on re-used material as the main component. It has also included the project of power charging station to electric car.

By the end of this year, it projects to use renewable energy with 82,987,000 kWh, which could reduce the greenhouse gas emission to 40,248 tCO2e, equivalent to 111,554 big tree plantations.

2. Green Store: All food containers in 7-Eleven shop is designed for good environment through its life circle, which any selected raw material must be from replacing resource with the eco-friendly concept of reusable, recyclable and compostable matter. Regarding the single-use plastic container management plan, the company started to introduce coffee cup with no straw in 8,492 branches of All Café countrywide in April last year.

7 Go Green

In December 2019, it introduced “cup for saving the world” project, which the paper-made cup was available for hot and cool drinks in the 7-Eleven shops nationwide. It has also included the shops located in island, educational institute and office building in total of 874 branches.

Moreover, material from nature such as wood and paper is also recruited to replace the plastic materials such as paper bag or wooden-made teaspoon and more. The project has paid attention to the shops located in the island because it needs to address more people’s participation for using the product that is friendly for the sensitive marine ecological system.

Besides, it is now going to promote electronic receipt for customers to reduce the paper use in the shop, together with promoting a campaign of plastic bottle-made shirt that the drinking water bottle could be recycled to fiber textile for the garment business. The company targets to reduce the plastic-made containers by 10,813 tons, helping for greenhouse gas emission reduction to 80,921 tCO2e, equivalent to 224,283 big tree plantation.

3. Green Logistic: CP All has conducted transport and logistic system in the friendly environmental practices under the concept of “logistic for environment”, which the CP’s warehouse is designed to be matched with Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) regulations, including solar cell establishment, that is already done in 12 goods distribution warehouses countrywide.

The company targets to increase renewable energy by 8,786,280 kWh, helping for greenhouse gas emission reduction to 4,261 tCO2e, equivalent to 11,810 big tree plantation.

4. Green Living: CP All has continued the project of “Reduce and Replace” to cultivate the mindset for environment among the public through a campaign of reducing single-use plastic bag because it needs to address the importance of good environment that could be happened under the principle of circular economy. It has planned to reduce the greenhouse gas emission to 128,426 tCO2e, equivalent to 347,648 big tree plantation.

“CP All has considered an importance of environment that should go well with our business. We have taken a responsibility on that through many measures by combining our business efficiency with energy conservation. It is not only in line with our business plan, but also our company’s mindset on green environment,” he said, adding that the company is ready for working for its strong determination of creating and sharing opportunity for all.