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Somchai takes pride in AIS team winning 3 major awards


The Investment Analysts Association has announced the IAA Awards for Listed Companies 2020, which are presented to management of listed companies in nine industrial sectors. This year, AIS has won all three awards available in the tech sector. Chief Executive Officer Somchai Lertsutiwong won the award for best CEO, Chief Financial Officer Tee Seeumpornroj was given the best CFO award, while Head of Investor Relations and Compliance Department Nattiya Poapongsakorn took the best Investor Relations award. AIS was the only Thai operator to win awards this year, which were decided from the scores of investment analysts in Thailand.

CEO Somchai Lertsutiwong commented, “I am extremely proud and delighted to accept the three awards this year on behalf of the AIS team. They illustrate the confidence and trust of investment analysts in our business. Despite Thailand facing an unprecedented major crisis impacting lives and the economy last year, the determination of our people in every department shone through in making AIS a Digital Life Service Provider. We are committed to providing continuous quality service in every aspect to every customer, while bringing our capabilities to bear in developing digital infrastructure, in partnership with industry leaders in every sector, to sustainably reinvigorate the Thai economy and society.”

The award judging criteria were considered from management capabilities of listed companies, considering as a priority the competence of management in their work, for their company to achieve sustainable success and growth, while adding value for shareholders. Their efforts furthered the development of the Thai economy and capital markets, and showed their far-reaching vision in management and operating results, which were thoroughly communicated through various articles and stock analyses for various groups of investors.

Best CEO Award

Factors for AIS being chosen for this award were vision in taking the business to provide digital lifestyle services in the future. Also, deploying 5G technology to create new business for AIS as well as transforming the country during the COVID-19 crisis last year. There is also an emphasis on management according to the principles of business ethics, good corporate governance and transparency, which has been widely accepted by investors and analysts.

Best CFO Award

Capabilities in managing the company’s finances, a top priority during the COVID-19 pandemic last year. Good financial management and consideration of risk as appropriate, while maintaining readiness for long-term investment to maintain competitive potential. Also, preparing liquidity to deal with any possible uncertainty, and also considering and maintaining the ultimate benefit of investors in every situation.

Best Investor Relations Award

The working principles of IR at AIS are in 4 aspects: Correct, Consistent, Transparent and Equal

Correct: Priority for accuracy and precision of information, including information about the industry and knowledge of essential financial and accounting measures for investors and analysts.

Consistent: A diversity of communications channels and keeping up with an evolving situation, particularly in maintaining consistency of messaging during a crisis, such as last year.

Transparent: Emphasis on giving complete information, which is transparent and adequate for understanding of analysts and investors, enabling them to understand opportunities and risks the company faces in each situation.

Equal: Equal disclosure of information to investors through every channel, according to the ethics of Investor Relations and other relevant regulations.

“This award will boost the morale of every employee in every department. We promise that we will continue working with every group of investors to revive the economy and investment in Thailand together. We are focused on competence to develop and manage the company with good governance in its business operations, as well as the best oversight for customers and stakeholders, whether in a normal situation or in a crisis,” concluded Somchai.