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Synergy Between 5 Tech Domains Creates New Value


In 2020, the world has faced multiple crises such as the pandemic, economic recession, and natural disasters, which have affected our daily lives. We have also witnessed how technology played a much bigger role in our lifestyle during the time when we could not travel as usual, as we were still required to ‘connect’ with others to continue our day-to-day activities and business operations.

ICT technologies that combine five digital tech domains, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Applications, Cloud, Connectivity and Computing, will help create new value that brings more solutions and innovations, to drive our society into an even smarter and more connected world.

The most notable example from such synergy is the use of Cloud and AI in healthcare, especially in COVID-19 diagnosis, helping shorten analysis time from 12 minutes to only 30 seconds. This innovation, which Huawei delivered to Siriraj and Ramathibodi hospitals earlier this year, has an accuracy rate as high as 97%, lessening the burden on the medical personnel and increasing diagnosis efficiency.

Additionally, AI technology helps diagnose visual impairment in children who are still unable to ask for help or notice abnormality in their bodies. This AI-assisted diagnosis technology can identify their visual impairment from early on and boost treatment success rate to 70%, increasing the possibility for these children to return to normal lives.

Cloud and AI technology also play a major role in improving industries and quality of life. For example, in the Chinese agricultural sector, AI has been trained to learn about the sizes and qualities of several types of sugar cane. With this technology, an accurate sugar cane inspection system was created, increasing efficiency by 14%, while eliminating any dispute between sugar cane buyers and sellers.

Huawei has also utilized AI technology in studying 10-year worth of meteorological data to build weather a forecast and storm tracker model that effectively helps Chinese fishermen avoid extreme weather conditions at sea.

Another impactful initiative by Huawei is the rainforest preservation system through Cloud and AI technologies. Through a mobile application, noise from deforestation and illegal wildlife poaching can be detected, covering 6,000 square kilometers of rainforest and protecting over 400 million trees from deforestation.

In urban areas, Cloud and AI from Huawei can also help manage road traffic. Through AI equipment installed in each intersection, the technology analyzes and passes on traffic data, reducing average congestion time by 17% while increasing average vehicle speed by 15%.

It is undeniable that ICT technologies and other digital capabilities such as the Cloud, AI, and 5G are on track to elevate every dimension of our life, economy, and society. Having a resourceful Cloud technology, capable of hosting massive amounts of data generated by AI, is necessary for Thailand’s journey to the Smart Era.

Huawei now offers Cloud services in Thailand with two local data centers specifically built for domestic Cloud operations. In addition, Huawei also plans to build a third Thai-based data center, worth 700 million baht of investment, in 2021. These local data centers enable Huawei to deliver the best of Cloud services with Thai staff ready to assist customers, the ability to purchase services in local currency, and peace-of-mind when it comes to data security, on which Huawei has proudly been certified by more than 50 organizations, including ISOA27701, and aligns with Thailand PDPA. Thai industries are now able to discover all the possibilities that Cloud-integrated businesses can bring, taking a leap forward to a fully connected world.