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Amazon Shares 2021 Strategies to Help Thai Sellers Bring More

Amazon Global Selling

Amazon Global Selling held its first Seller Conference in Thailand themed“The Future of Made-in-Thailand” from December 17-18, with participation of Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, Thailand, inudstry partners, and Thai sellers.

During the seller conference, Amazon Global Selling shared 2021 strategies to better support Thai sellersin expanding their business footprint globally, and bringing more “Made-in-Thailand” brands and products to global customers through selling on Amazononline stores.A 3-million THB grant program offered by DITP, SCB and DHLwas also announcedby DITPin the conference to support Thai sellers launch their businesses on Amazon.

The conference offered variety of keynotes, panel discussion and education sessions, aiming to help Thai sellers better understand global customer’s consumption trends, improve their operations and get prepared for future uncertainties.The first ever seller conference attracted several thousand of Thai SMEs online across the country. 

Amazon has seen the growth potential in Thai economy with growing exports, solid manufacturing ground and vibrant local e-commerce. We encourage Thai Sellers to think global, starting with US to explore on-line opportunities.Thai sellers have shown early success in the high potential product categories, such as apparel, beauty, jewelry, sports, and home.

Today’s conference is Amazon’sfirst seller conference in Thailand. It is part of Amazon’efforts and commitments to further help Thai sellers bring ‘Made-in-Thailand’ products and brands for global reachwith Amazon. In 2021, the dedicated team for Thailand will continue to support Thai sellers and launch new localized resources dedicated to facilitate Thai sellers to Amazon online stores around globe;build service cluster and seller community for Thai sellers; and offer more support through collaborations with governmentagencies and third parties.” saidBernard Tay, Head of Amazon Global Selling in Southeast Asia. 

Amazon Global Selling shared 2021 business strategies include: 

  • Improve seller experience and provide localized resources and seller support to Thai sellers.

In the conference, Amazon Global Selling shared the launch of localized Seller Central for Thai sellers. Through this localized Amazon Seller Central, Thai sellers will be able to navigate the dashboard, set up product listings, monitor sales and manage inventory all in Thai. Thai sellers are also able to seek support from Amazon Global Selling seller support team dedicated for Thailand. There will be more upcoming launches from Amazon to localize new tools and educational materials dedicated to Thai sellers in 2021.

  • Help Thai sellers bring broader varieties of “Made-in-Thailand” products and brands to global customers.
    In 2021, Amazon will continue to empower Thailand-based high-quality brand owners, manufacturers and traders, help them accelerate digital transformation, launch and expand their business presence globally and build international brands, bringing more Thailand unique products and brands to global customers.
  • Strengthen service provider networks and build Amazon seller community

Amazon Global Selling dedicated team for Thailand will continue to identify, recommend and assist Amazon online stores to build service provider networks in terms of account management, international online payment, logistics services, brand building, etc. to help sellers efficiently operate their business and explore global opportunities.

Another focus is to assist to build a broad Amazon seller community through the newly launched Thai Seller Ambassador Program. Through the program, sellers can share their best practice, exchange ideas, and learn from one another. The program offers various activities for sellers to build networks, connect with experts across fields, and help sellerfoster strong collaboration in the community.

  • Offer Thai sellers more support through collaborations with government agencies and third parties.

The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, Thailand, announced an upcoming grant program by DITP to help Thai sellers sell globally through Amazon. This program, which offers a total of 3 million THB in grants, is a collaboration with Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) and DHL Express Thailand.

The selected local sellers will receive subsidies to support them in launching their business on Amazon, covering their logistics, product listing creation, sponsored products and other related costs. DITP expressed in the conference that the grant program aims to encourage Thai entrepreneurs to start their export cross-border e-commerce business, help them overcome the cold-start challenges and adapt to the changes.

Ministry of Commerce will continue to support Thai entrepreneurs, develop trade channels and create opportunities for Thai entrepreneurs. In 2021, Amazon will strengthen the collaboration with government agencies and third parties, to offer Thai sellers more support to expedite digital transformation while assisting them achieve success by selling globally through Amazon.

Amazon Global Selling set up the dedicated team for Thailand in 2019to assist Amazon online stores to helpThai sellers, brand owners and manufacturers to explore online export opportunities and to expand their international business by reaching Amazon global customers.

The dedicate team provides educational support to potential Thai sellers with respect to selling on Amazon onboarding process including account registration, listing creation, account operation, Fulfillment by Amazon, and more. With the support from the team, many Thai sellers have successfully launched their businesses on Amazon and achieved success.

“Beforethe pandemic, my export business which I did with dealers in Europe has beengoingreallywell. However, in early 2020, all my orders were cancelled. Then, wesought for other export channels anddecided to sell on Amazonhasopenedbroader opportunitiesfor us.

We received good advicesand knowledgefrom Amazon Global Selling team. Ourproductsare now sold toAmerican consumers through Amazon. We have plan to expand our online business to Amazon storesin Europe.” shared by Marketing and Export Manager from aThai leading provider of bicycle accessories and luggage.

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