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TRUE 5G XR STUDIO mega-project has opened!!


True Group, an integrated digital lifestyle leader is set to open the latest mega-project ‘TRUE 5G XR STUDIO a new dimension for ‘ TRUE 5G XPhenomenon’ that will fully drive the 5G lifestyle with the potential of True genius 5G network that is more complete and stronger signal. True has collaborated with various alliances to create a futuristic lifestyle through TRUE 5G XR STUDIO, the first futuristic content studio in Thailand and the most advanced in Southeast Asia that will transform to a new dimension of content production to XR Content or Extended Reality that will create an unprecedented genius virtual, fulfilling Thai lifestyle in 5G era.

TRUE 5G XR STUDIO will produce beyond-imagination content via Virtual Production on both VR Content (Virtual Reality) that will give a 360 degree experience as if are in a real situation and AR Content (Augmented Reality), a Volumetric 3 dimension that audiences could freely move around as well as MR Content (Mixed Reality), a 3G model that when mixed with reality in front will create a new experience that makes the content from True 5G XR Studio beyond any other content that accommodate the new lifestyle of Thai consumers.

This also cemented True Group’s determination to bring the genius True 5G technology to work along with various alliances to create a new 5G content eco-system that brings never-ending multiple results to all stakeholders, transforming into a complete digital lifestyle… with new phenomenon of Digital Xponential #comeTRUEwithTRUE5G in Thailand… Introducing ‘True 5G Music X Space’, a new music experience Xtraordinary Content with the first artist ‘Bright-Vachirawit Cheevaaree’ soon.


Mr Piroon Paireepairit , Head of 5G Working Group, True Corporation Plc said that “5G technology will be the main catalyst to build Thailand’s potential that will lead to a complete digital lifestyle. True Group has brought the genius of True 5G to strategically develop for real utilization that connects with the demand of consumers and business entities in various dimensions, particularly the lifestyle dimension for people in the 5G era that require more advanced experiences.

When we got the opportunity to collaborate with alliances who share the same vision in many industries from Music, Entertainment, Media&Advertising, Commerce and Education, we believe that TRUE 5G XR STUDIO that is situated in Siam Square Soi 2 will be the most advanced content production prototype studio in Southeast Asia that will totally transform the content production industry.

It will also be a turning point for the creation of XR Content or Extended Reality Content, opening new experiences from many industries and accommodate the demand of new lifestyle in the genius city via ‘TRUE 5G XR STUDIO’ , which will have a digital content experts to produce beyond-imagination content with the mix usage of

1. VR Content (Virtual Reality) that will provide an Insideout 360 degree as if being in the situation or actual place

2. AR Content(Augmented Reality), a Volumetric 3 dimension that gives an Outside-in experience that could be freely move around in every angles

3. MR Content (Mixed Reality), brining artists or actors to the virtual 3 dimension world with state-of-the-art effects which turns into a new content in the 5G era.

All of these will make 5G XR Content combine the real and virtual worlds together, like reading a Sci-fi novel that seems to be far reach from reality but today all of this has been brought to us. This futuristic content is in line with the global digital trend that all alliances are ready to bring in their expertise in various aspects to mix with True 5G’s eco-system in order to fulfill the genius lifestyle and impress True customers in using True 5G service. It also helps drive the new style of Thai content production industry to sustainably grow.”



Mr Oliver Kittipong Veerataecha, Chief Brand & Communications Officer, True Corporation Plc said that “with the genius of True 5G technology that is more complete and has stronger signal along with the determination of True Group to continuously develop 5G technology in all dimensions in the eco-system in order for the Thai people to experience the genius of Come True with TRUE5G.

Today is another important milestone that True Group is ready to open a new phenomenon ‘5GXPhenomenon’ ,fully utilizing the genius of True 5G that drives the 5G lives and economy through the latest mega-project, TRUE 5G XR STUDIO that will totally change the way to produce content, making the Thai public, especially True 5G customers to experience an unprecedented experiences in terms of visual, video and sound that is more fulfilling and in line with the new lifestyle that allow people to step into anything in the world virtually anywhere at any time, particularly in the digitalization world that the content production or cinematography are limitless.

Studio no longer has to use a large space but more importantly, the genius management way from a tech company like True Group that bring in advanced technology mix with True’s digital potential with all alliances to fulfill the 5G eco-system, leading to an endless transformation.

TRUE 5GXR STUDIO is not only a place but a milestone to connect the eco-system with various alliances to light up a new phenomenon that will endlessly multiply and turn Digital Xponential #comeTRUEwithTRUE5G into reality in Thailand.”

Get ready to experience ‘True 5G Music X Space’, a new music performance in an Xtraordinary Content with the first artist ‘Bright-Vachirawit Cheevaaree’ followed by PolyCat, Nont, Tanont and many more artists soon. For more details visit TrueID.