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The carmaker should lift the new after service


Senior Com points that there will be the end of encouraging carmaker . Every company has to prepare after-sales service to enter a new digital system. Because the old system is obsoleted and creates problems for customers. That might be the point of collapse.

Mr. Somkiat Ung-Aree, Managing Director of Senior Com, reveals that automobile industry is entering change or transform from the old digital system to the new one within the past 2 years. Aiming to be industry 4.0, bring modern robots producing to reduce costs, also build modern car in order to serve the growing needs of customers. However at the same time ignoring the after –sales service Which is still used old technology, complicated Access to customer information is still complicated. Resulting in creating a new experience with customers or motorists is less.

Some automotive after-sale is still used old system such as Client Server. Each auto center requires a lot of investment. However, it is an outdated system and cannot deny this system. Due to automakers have always forced to use the same system or they build service software modules from many software vendors. This causes many problems to work in real-world usage. The auto centers were dilemma in the past,” “ Somkiat said.

Although, the after-sales lacks of modern system, the auto loan industry in the past 2 years, especially in Thailand, has returned with great progress. Many leasing companies have used of new e-banking .This is clear that, if any company does not adapt new digital systems, it may not do business anymore.

The changing trend of after-sale system will change within 2 years, also it will be a global change, not just Thailand. The competition will be more high while customers will demand and oppose the humiliation of automaker in the past. Customer will take 50-50% of the quality in production and after-sales service. Therefore, the transformation process will be soon affected to the end of the entire car business.

Senior Com has developed software in automotive more than 20 years. We has forecasted a technology trends in this group all along. Especially Dealer Shop system is 30% of current car service centers in Thailand. Also it has invested research and development funding in the last 2 years. To leverage this software into artificial intelligence or AI and machine learning systems, a modern architecture.

Nowadays, we are partner with carmaker while in the past is to custom software. More importantly, it will add a new UX which will give the user an impressive experience. and learn from each other with a research budget of over 30 million baht and Also it will be continue to research for the next 5 years in order to keep up with the big change.

“This change is dependent on the decision of carmaker . Now the technology is ready, infrastructure is reasonable, and not using high budget as in the past. Senior Com believe that if the automakers decide to delay the change, it will certainly disadvantage the competition in the market,” Mr.Somkiat concluded.