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WP ENERGY is open a food business under brand “Wonder Food”

Wonder Food

WP Energy Public Company Limited, Thailand’s leading LPG distributor under the brand “Worldgas”, partners with “Wonder Food International”, a company founded by Michelin star Chef “Andy Yangeksakul” to open a food business under the brand “Wonder Food”. The partnership aims to diversify and expand business opportunity for WP Energy to generate more income while reducing risks.

With focus on bringing health-conscious Thai street food menus to add value to attract consumers in a global level, Wonder Food starts with four brands of restaurants in the city center including: “Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu”, “Hungry Rabbit” Khao Soi, 1-Michelin star hyper fine dining restaurant called “Table 38” and “Pi Kun”, an Isaan-tapas fusion restaurant.

The company is ready to expand into franchise business as well as other businesses that include production and distribution of seasonings and instant food among other food businesses in the future. Wonder Food is expected to generate more than 10% of the company’s total profit per year, with aim to increase profits to 40% within 5 years.

Miss Chomkamol Poompanmuang, Chief Executive Officer of WP Energy Public Company Limited, said “Throughout 40 years in business, World Gas has never stopped delivering clean energy that is accessible to everyone. By driving business under the power of positive thinking while focusing on service development through the use of knowledge and extensive experience to improve service efficiency, we continue to look for new possibilities in terms of products, services, as well as new business models to improve and enhance the lives of Thai people.

This is where we build upon the LPG business, which is our core business today, and seek new opportunity to do other businesses like food business, which allows us to diversify and earn more revenue while reducing risks in business at the same time. The experience and expertise in culinary and food management of Wonder Food International is what we strongly believe in.

Particularly, we believe in Chef Andy who has expertise in terms of creativity and management in a wide variety of food businesses. He has reputation for creating Thai dishes that has earned him Michelin stars in both Thailand and the United States. We believe that Wonder Food will be able to generate more than 10% of the company’s total profit per year and can increase our profit to 40% within 5 years.”

Mr. Noppawong Omatikul Deputy Chief Executive Officer of WP Energy Public Company Limited, discussed about Wonder Food’s business plan “With Wonder Food brand, we are committed to create a comprehensive food business with an industry standard operating system, a value chain system, a central kitchen and a logistics system are being applied in order to maintain food quality, manage costs and use resources efficiently.

For business plan in 2020, the company has made an initial investment of approximately 40 million baht to create four restaurant brands under the Wonder Food Group, namely the Michelin starred brand “Table38” that offers an innovative experience of Thai street food menus by Chef Andy which is now opened at Siam Discovery; and the newest fusion-style Isaan restaurant brand called “Pi Kun” that offers an easy-to-eat Isaan-style menu in the form of a Spanish-style tapas.

There are two more street food brands that focus on specialties. They are: “Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu”, the spicy and vivid Pad Thai restaurant that ignites all of your senses from sight, sound and smell to touch and taste; and “Hungry Rabbit” Khao Soi restaurant that offers good taste and great healthy choice for those who love Khao Soi.

Wonder Food

A flagship restaurant is set to be opened in Siam Square this January after receiving a good response from the opening of Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu, the first of Wonder Food group, at Thai Taste Hub Mahanakorn Cube. Wonder Food sets our target on young generations who are interested in opening up to new and healthy eating experiences and food that is cooked with fresh ingredients by Michelin star chef but is offered at a reasonable price.”

“Food delivery business has become a hottest trend as of late and Wonder Food has planned to grow our business in that direction as well through new restaurants that will be opened with sole focus on delivery. We also plan to allocate 50 million baht to expand into other businesses including catering, raw material manufacturing and delivery, ready meal for corporate customers like hotels and airlines as well as franchise business for each brand after the brands have become more popular in the market,” added Mr. Noppawong.

Chef Andy Yangeksakul or “Chef Andy Yang” said “Wonder Food is a food company we establish as a result of an exchange of expertise between WP Energy Public Company Limited, that specializes in business and finance management, and Wonder Food International Co., Ltd, that has expertise in operations in food business both in Thailand and abroad from Michelin star-level hyper fine dining to street food.

“Wonder Food” will focus on offering a new food experience in the form of a food caravan and a selection of street food menus that Thai people are familiar with under one of Wonder Food’s brands. Each dish we create is outstanding in every detail from the process of selecting raw materials and processes of healthy cooking to the skill of a Michelin star chef to allow all Thais, regardless of gender, age or occupation, to be able to enjoy our clean, healthy and bold menus equally. Our intention is to create “Michelin star chef standard cuisine, designed for all Thai people.”

“In every menu and every process of various production of our food from Wonder Food brand, we focus on creating food that is vivid and does not contain MSG. We bring food innovations to the table by using technologies like sound waves to cook and preserve nutritional value. In addition, sauces used in cooking various menus were also invented especially from natural methods to bring new and healthy taste to the menus.

We believe that “Wonder Food” is another way for Thais to see the value of Thai food ingredients and its authenticity while making Thai street food to be more and more popular among foreign tourists as it can attract them to come and taste them. And after COVID-19 when international travel situation returns to normal, we hope to stimulate sustainable growth for food and tourism business in the future,” concluded Chef Andy.