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ConceptD partners with Sripatum University to develop ‘D Club’


ConceptD has teamed up with Sripatum University (SPU) to help develop digital content professionals prepare to meet the demands of a rapidly growing industry. Through this partnership, “Digital Club” or “D Club” has been established as a virtual company to support digital media creation and provide real-life work experience to students. ConceptD has provided ConceptD5 notebooks for D Club. These powerful notebooks will allow students to upgrade their skills and become digital content professionals.

Dr. Kamon Jirapong, Dean of the School of Digital Media at Sripatum University, said technology and digital markets are evolving rapidly and set to grow significantly. Due to Covid-19 pandemic and requirements to maintain social distancing, digital content is becoming more important. Moreover, while risky activities are prohibited, other recreational activities are growing more extensively.

For example, in the gaming industry, the demand for mobile, PC and console games – in VR, AR or eSport – is rising continuously. To cater for those requirements, game developers have to shorten their development time, forcing development and design teams to prepare create innovative content quickly.

To meet the emerging and growing need for digital content industry professionals, Sripatum University has set up Digital Club / D Club as a virtual company, allowing students to practice and upgrade their skills. They will be working through the entire process from upstream to downstream, including meeting with clients to understand their requirements, finding the right technology solutions, making a product and selling it.

SPU is equipped with specialized teachers and modern facilities for training students in digital media field, working in partnership of ConceptD, which has supplied technology for digital content creation. ConceptD5 notebooks deployed at D-Club will allow students to get hands-on experience with professional-standard devices and gain real-world work experience before entering the labor market.


Mr. Nitipat Praweenwongwuthi, Marketing Director, Acer Computer Co., Ltd., said today, “Digital content has become a part of our daily lives as people consume more and more digital media, and this trend is set to grow continuously with technological progress. According to the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), the digital content industry was valued at 31,080 million Baht in 2019, growing 11.51% when compared with 2018, and it is forecast to reach 45,094 million Baht in 2022.

These figures imply an increasing demand for digital content professionals. However, according to DEPA, the number of workers in the digital content industry in 2019 fell by 12.04% to only 5,021 persons (from 5,708 workers in 2018). Therefore, it is very important to develop professionals for this industry, and education institutions should offer and improve curricula to address the real needs of the industry.”

“This is the first time ConceptD has collaborated with the School of Digital Media at Sripatum University. ConceptD shares SPU’s commitment on creating educational innovation for teachers and students, and equipping them with in-depth knowledge, advanced skills and cutting-edge devices so as to produce creative professionals with high expertise for the digital industry. ConceptD is excited to help SPU develop Digital Club / D Club and supply high-performance ConceptD 5 notebooks specifically designed for digital content creation.

ConceptD 5 notebooks will allow students and D Club staff to improve their creative skills with the same technology used by industry professionals. We believe D Club will provide holistic skills and experiences to students, including hard, soft and business skills, and enable them to become high-quality workers in the digital content industry,” Nitipat said.