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LANXESS Showcases Innovative Sustainable Solutions at CHINACOAT 2020


From December 8 to 10, German specialty chemicals company LANXESS will showcase its range of sustainable products, technologies and solutions for the coatings industry at CHINACOAT2020 in Guangzhou. The solutions exhibited by the business units Inorganic Pigments (IPG), Material Protection Products (MPP) and Urethane Systems (URE) are developed to meet China’s growing demand for green coatings.
Considering that some customers will not be able to visit the LANXESS booth due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company this year is launching a live webcast platform through which interested visitors can join booth tours and online technical seminars.

They can be accessed through the following links:
Chinese Live Platform:
English Live Platform:

For decades, Bayferrox® and Colortherm® pigments have been the benchmark for high-quality iron and chromium oxides in the coatings industry. Customers can rely on proven quality consistency in the long term within very narrow tolerances, combined with superior dispersion properties.

As a true one-stop-shop supplier, LANXESS delivers a comprehensive product range for iron oxide consumers. It includes Bayferrox® red, yellow, black and brown iron oxides as well as green shades based on Colortherm® chromium oxides. By utilizing a complete technology portfolio, the full coloristic spectrum is covered to meet the specific requirements of our paints and coatings customers.

The red hues of the Bayferrox® 100 and Bayferrox® 500 series, for example, range from very bluish to particularly bright yellowish shades of red. The most yellowish red pigments of our new Bayferrox® 500 series even provide the highest chromaticity of all iron oxide red pigments available on the market.

Besides a wide color range, from pale greenish to orange shades, our established yellow pigments, such as our top sellers Bayferrox® 3910 offers a significant added value when it comes to processability. Various types with specific characteristics in terms of viscosity behavior, low sedimentation and oil absorption properties are available for customer-specific coatings systems.

In addition, micronized pigments grades are particularly advantageous for paints and coatings applications in terms of dispersibility and tinting strength. On account of their intensive milling during their production process, the level of pigment agglomerates is significantly reduced, making these pigment types suitable for dispersion with high-speed dissolvers.

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Biocide solutions for Green preservative

Another highlight of LANXESS at CHINACOAT2020 is the preservative and bactericide portfolio that protects paints and coatings, which are specifically designed to meet China’s green label regulations.

In the portfolio, the dry film preservative – Preventol Next series – displayed by MPP not only shows excellent performance, but also meets legal requirements. Its most remarkable feature lies in the unique and innovative slow-release technology which helps produce high-quality products that are efficient and more environmentally friendly.

The active ingredient of Preventol Next is embedded in a compound which only allows slow release of the active ingredient. This preservative series is designed for high-quality and ecological end products.

Preventol Next series products are all waterborne dispersions, so there is not much difference between them and “traditional” dispersions in terms of using method, but the series has advantages of higher leaching stability, later expiration date and lower dosage (reducing the risk of yellowing).


Besides various series of products, MPP’s business team also owns extensive legal expertise, and advanced microbiology, application and research laboratories. In the Chinese market with increasingly upgrading regulations on environmental protection, LANXESS provides local customers with technical support and flexible customized solutions to help them meet legal requirements more quickly. At the same time, LANXESS is also actively working with customers to develop antibacterial products to meet new market demands in the context of the outbreak this year.

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Leader in customized PU solutions

As much as 25 million tons of anthropogenic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted in China each year. In view of this, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the Volatile Organic Compounds Tackling Plan 2020, hoping to improve the capability of controlling VOCs through tackling actions, thereby significantly reducing VOC emissions.

URE exhibits a host of environmentally friendly special waterborne polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) and aqua blocked curing agent which help the coating industry to effectively control VOC emissions. Among them, Trixene aqua blocked curing agents with low VOCs drew much attention. These products are widely used as a waterborne water-repellent agent for the surface coating of waterproof clothes.

Moreover, URE exhibits a special waterborne PUD series which is resistant to high temperature, hydrolysis, solvents, yellowing and chemicals. It is widely used in functional coatings for leather, textiles, plastic, wood, metals, fiber, stone, glass, automobiles and other industries. The well-designed PU system can adapt to harsh environments and provide excellent process performance, laying the basis for creating high-quality products.

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