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AIS joins Nadao to build the first VR Originals Content

VR Originals

AIS joins Nadao Bangkok, the developer and artist management, to coordinate a co-creation collaboration to build the first VR Originals Content in Thailand, beginning with variety situations that capture the moment you haven’t experienced before from Nadao’s young gen actors “Billkin-PP” and “Sky Wongravee”, which directions to start a new world of travel to the viewers. However, viewers can take Action to interact with the content that is watching with more fun and feels more engagement than ever via innovative AIS VR 4K glasses.

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, AIS’s Chief Consumer Business Officer, said, “AIS, as the country’s No.1 digital life service provider, is committed to developing in all areas to deliver the best to customers continuously, in particular, with the best network development since the official launch of 5G service at the end of February 2020.

AIS is now recognized as the leader of the network with the most spectrum and provides 5G service in 77 provinces, besides to bring 5G which is a new national technology to benefit more Thais, especially in the COVID-19 situation where 5G performs an essential role in enhancing Thailand’s medical and public health potential. It also takes 5G as a backbone in driving the nation’s recovery mission in all sectors from the COVID-19 crisis.

Today, it is expanding the potential and benefits of 5G to the next level by bringing the power of 5G network with faster, stronger, and low-latency to combine with the technology of the future, which is Virtual Reality or VR, and this includes exclusive content that made for VR watching, so when opening content via AIS VR 4K glasses on the AIS 5G network, it will give a full experience of watching content on the virtual world, which presents a more clear picture, more fun, more realistic, and immersive experience with more content. It is a beginning and generates further growth opportunities for the Thai entertainment industry, including initiating a new dimension of content creation for the country.”

“Besides, AIS has also pushed the Thai entertainment industry from upstream to downstream by producing content in the form of Co-Creation under the name of AIS VR Originals, which opens for collaborating with industry partners, famous content producers, world-class partners, and new independent Content Creator to produce VR Content along with providing a platform to support distribution for Thais to watch, which is AIS PLAY VR application as the first and only VR content hub in Thailand with the installation of AIS VR 4K glasses that be able to watch anywhere and anytime to meet the lifestyle, entertainment, and activities of the New Normal era.

• Joins with NaDao Bangkok to bring artists to build VR Content, led by Billkin – PP with #BilkinPP Closer Than Ever series content to experience with variety situations that capture the moment you haven’t experienced before of the era in 6 episodes to watch. Also, there is Sky Wongravee in the content of the Touch of Sky series, which brings everyone to travel together in 3 episodes with the unseen aspects.

This recognizes as an extension of the success of the VR Content Star Dating series following holding well-received by Palit’s Moment content, which has the presenters of AIS like Peck Palitchoke to create content that rocks the hearts of fans all over the country. Still, this is a new way of creating content that empowers fans to engage with their favorite artists more closely.

• Promote Thai tourism by joining the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to initiate a new perspective on tourism that has never been seen before by guiding the beauty of Thailand in 5 provinces: Bueng Kan, Phatthalung, Lampang, Ratchaburi, and Trat in a 360-degree VR format to support, stimulate, and recover the tourism economy of Thailand collectively.

• Associates to take care of Thai health by joining Absolute You, Thailand’s leading fitness lifestyle leader, to create a 360-degree VR experience at home exercise with feeling like joining a class with professional instructors who offer fun exercise classes, including Pilates, Yoga, and Body Weight classes.

• The only place in Thailand! To enjoy unlimited fun with over 175 VR games and 5,000+ lifestyle content from Pico, the No. 1 integrated VR solution leader in Asia, both in terms of content, platforms, and VR devices.

VR Originals

“Soon, AIS is preparing to expand content in the form of Music Performance such as performances by artists, and education such as joining with IPST to create VR content in science subjects. for the primary and secondary school course, including collaboration with the Air Force Museum in VR to show each model of aircraft in virtual reality and a close tour of the Phaya Thai Palace in VR format to initiate a new world of learning that the learners can have more fun than ever before.”

All of these fun are ready for all Thais to experience with the AIS VR 4K glasses device that providing high-definition images of 4K, with a 101-degree wide field of view, supports 360-degree display, and powered by the Snapdragon 835 CPU, which comes with 3D audio speakers now available at AIS Shop and AIS Online Store.

Customers can buy AIS VR 4K glasses for 14,500 baht and receive a free VR Service package for 1 month (199 baht per month, excluding VAT) to watch VR content on AIS PLAY VR. Special promotion! Get a special discount of up to 30%, get a free VR Service package for 6 months for postpaid AIS customers, or open a new number. See more details at

“With the strength of the AIS 5G network and VR technology, it will provide Thais to experience a different and more realistic way of watching content, which will initiate the VR content market for Thailand, and support the growth of the country’s entertainment industry, including creating opportunities for Thais to become VR Content Creator. AIS is preparing to open AIS 5G Next Reality Studio, the first and only AR and VR content production hub in Thailand, which will change the creation of new content for the country soon.” Mr. Pratthana concluded.