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Fugaku ranks No. 1, the fastest supercomputer in the world


The new supercomputer Fugaku, which is being developed jointly by RIKEN and Fujitsu Limited, has taken the top spot on the TOP500 list, a ranking of the world’s fastest supercomputers.

It also ranked first in the HPGC, a ranking of supercomputers on real-world applications, HPL-AI, which rates supercomputers on their performance on tasks typically used in artificial intelligence applications, and Graph 500, which ranks systems based on data-intensive loads. The award was announced on June 22 at ISC2020, an international high-performance computing conference.

The record achievement indicates the overall high performance of Fugaku and its significant contribution to make Society 5.0 a reality

Fujitsu Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX700 and FX1000 series utilize the technology of supercomputer Fugaku jointly developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu and is globally available.

Ranking Details

Supercomputer Fugaku ranked No. 1 in the 55th TOP500 list of the world’s supercomputers with LINPACK performance of 415.53 PFLOPS (petaflops) and a computing efficiency ratio of 80.87%.

Fugaku also took first place in the international ranking HPCG (High Performance Conjugate Gradient) achieving the high score of 13,366.4 TFLOPS (teraflops), claiming 1st in the HPL-AI ranking with 1.421 EHFLOPS, while taking first place in Graph500 with 70,980 gigaTEPS.