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BEST Express to invest Bt300m in Thailand

BEST Express

BEST Express invests in driving forward its long-term growth strategy, especially in the second half of this year. End-to-end supply chain solutions and service innovation will support BEST Express to be the market leader as well as coping plans to strengthen Thai e-commerce growth in 2020.

To expand the business since the second half of the year, BEST Express has announced it will invest more than 300 million baht (USD 9.47 million) that is one of 5 billion baht (USD 157 million) a budget investment support from BEST Inc. (Headquarter) China, in competing to become a leader in the Thai logistics transportation system. The investments will also provide BEST Express with the flexibility and agility needed to respond to the New Normal era quickly.

After the lockdown, BEST Express recognizes Thailand’s strong e-commerce potential as businesses adapt to change in the New Normal era, under the growth of the e-commerce market that pushes the expansion of logistics.

The company is also preparing to expand the franchises to cover the customer groups in every province and nationwide.

Mr. Jason Qian, General Manager Southeast Asia CEO & President, BEST Inc. Thailand, Best Logistics Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd., stated: “The overall market for parcel delivery is continuously growing during the past three years (from 2017-2019). Based on the latest assessment from Euromonitor, an average growth of 40% per year (40% CAGR) in line with the growth trend of the Thai e-commerce market which approximately grows at an average of 18% per year (18 % CAGR)”

People’s lifestyles have changed to a New Normal based on the pandemic since the beginning of the year, resulting in changing consumer behaviour from “offline” to more “online.” Many logistics providers are starting to play more role in driving online trading, and also increase the value of the e-commerce business market.

To be convenient for Thai online merchants, BEST Express is ready to drive and support online merchants with the “BEST Express Free Door to Door service” — the Unlimited Free Door to Door delivery service.

Under the operation of BEST Inc. Thailand, BEST Express is one of logistics providers in Thailand with the slogan “Everywhere, with you.” The company has an ongoing commitment to enable effective collaboration with the parent company — BEST Inc., a leading integrated smart supply chain and logistics solutions provider from China.

Jason added: “The overall business of BEST Express in the first half of the year, a time of challenges for all business groups that need to adapt and deal with the outbreak. Although the logistics business has benefited from the growth of the e-commerce market, but the more important is security-oriented services for all customers.”

For safety, Staff and shipping personnel will wear a mask that BEST Express provides to all personnel. The company also prepared hand sanitizers and checked the temperature before entering the service area. For distribution centers, the company sprayed antiseptics in the distribution centers, including all parcels sent from various regions, both domestically and internationally, as well as conveyors.

“We are committed to supporting customers by providing fast service to our customers, covering all areas, with the potential, readiness, and professionalism in service,” Jason added.

To support the business expansion in the second half of the year, BEST Express is ready to invest 300 million baht and prepared to compete to become the leading Thai logistics provider. The company will continue to consolidate and support markets after the lockdown.