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‘AIS eSports STUDIO’ The first ASEAN eSports community


AIS continues to move on the eSports strategy in the second half of the year with one of the missions in bringing 5G to recover the country, besides the determination to bring digital innovation together with establishing alliances in every part of the eSports industry to join forces to take the eSports industry to the next level and to make Thailand be the hub of eSports in Southeast Asian region.

As well as enhance the potential and develop digital skills for Thais to play eSports appropriately, creatively, and discipline, moreover erasing images of game addicted kids to becoming eSports athletes to grow into professional player’s career, which generates income for themselves. Also, it will set new standards with acceptance nationally and internationally as the digital sport of the New Normal era that will join in restoring and driving the country’s digital economy to be robust and sustainable.

• Launching the AIS eSports STUDIO, an eSports community in Southeast Asia located in Bangkok at Samyan Mitrtown. It combines the best of the eSports world experience to generate immersive experiences for gamers and the new generations for the first time in Thailand, it will be available soon.

It also allows event organizers and brands to use event space on both online and on-ground platforms such as eSports competitions, live conferences, product launches, and social sharing, which can be trusted on the best network in acknowledgment to the New Normal era by proposing 5 strengths including:

1. The Best Network: The best quality network in Thailand, the fastest, strongest, and the lowest latency, which is the first and only position in the country that provides both 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and AIS Fibre with a maximum speed of 1000 Mbps with superior VR games providing a 360-degree game view.


2. The Great Community: A new meeting point in Bangkok’s center to provide all gamers in all networks, which are not limited to the AIS network, to use 24 hours a day for free! Including using Facilities at an affordable price, convenient transportation, and safe, with Sam Yan MRT station.

3. Powerful Spec: The latest and most up-to-date version of the gaming specs, with computers including Intel Core i9 processors, NVIDIA-certified graphics cards, 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, Razer gaming gear, Anda gaming chairs, and Online Live Streaming tools are combined, and besides a quality team with the national level to take expert care.

4. Battle Arena: The ultimate arena, concluded with tournament equipment, which comes at the Hi-End level.

5. For the first time in Thailand with “Starbucks We Proudly Serve”, which is a Vending Machine service to sell coffee, and machines from Starbucks, which is exclusive in the first and only place in Thailand throughout the day, 24 hours.


• Ready to advance the 4 strategies of AIS eSports: Thailand to provide the best experience in eSports for Thais under the partnership with the public, private, and world-class technology partners to upgrade the eSports industry of The country to improve one step further.

1. Connect: connect Thais to the eSports world with the 5G Digital Infrastructure Network innovation, which is the only country’s new technology with the strongest, fastest, and lowest latency network to connect all needs of eSports Fan and Gamers to generate a new immersive experience for the eSports industry, as well as operating products and services designed to support the potential of eSports particularly, including mobile phone packages, home broadband internet, gaming phones, VR 4K technology, and many popular game items.

2. Compete: cooperate with Thailand E-Sports Federation to build a new generation of eSports athletes for the country, which is ready to organize a fun eSports competition throughout the year, covering all segment players to give eSports players chances of students, company employees, beginners through pro players to enter to do a contest for demonstrating skill and be ready to proceed to professional competition and make money in the future.

3. Co-Educate: Joining leading universities in Thailand to encourage the development of eSports athletes through the eSports club of the university, able to support the leading digital network, including online platforms used to organize eSports competitions on campus to develop further skills in managing eSports for students and push towards in creating new careers and make money in eventuality.

4. Community: The first and only community for creative eSports in Thailand by collecting most of the activities for eSports fans and gamers with a long-range lineup to the end of this year.

Training Collaboration with Thailand E-Sports Federation and partners in the eSports industry to establish training for developing eSports and digital skills to become professional eSports players with the opportunity to grow as national eSports athletes in the future.

Gamer Talk: First Gamer Talk in Thailand with the eSports talk show, getting Tip & Trick to share experiences directly from real eSports athletes to inspire gamers in particular. Besides, preparing to watch the first eSports channel on AIS PLAY, AIS eSports fan page on Facebook and AIS eSports channel on YouTube every Tuesday; however, the first episode airs on this 21 July at 6:30 pm onwards.


eSports Conference: The first Game Conference in Thailand has a yearly business seminar to support the eSports industry, a significant group of the eSports business sector, to share knowledge, which is willing to drive the eSports ecosystem to grow stronger in partnership with Techsauce, the Tech Conference leader that is connecting Asia and the world.

Game Award: For the first time in Thailand with the Thailand Zocial AIS Gaming Awards, which is a Game Award guaranteed by the quality of social media people to support and encourage the eSports community, including Game Publisher, Game Player, Device & Gadget, and Special Award under the collaboration with Wisesight (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the No. 1 social data analysis service in Thailand.

eSports Festival: The event in a Hybrid style blends online and offline events collectively by giving a full show with AIS 5G eSports style, which combines all the experiences that meet the needs of eSports fans, whether an ultimate fun eSports competition, fan meeting events, and cosplay outfits that gamers extraordinarily enjoy.

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, AIS’s Chief Consumer Business Officer, said, “Amid the COVID-19 situation, which causes Thais to be quarantined at home and maintain social distance. AIS perceives the lifestyle trends of Thais changing to experience more online. One of the activities interested in is playing eSports, which is still rising well from playing online.

Hence, it is identified as a digital sport of the New Normal era that can play anywhere, anytime, without limitations on competition locations, answering to social distance measures, moreover enhancing digital potential and skills with players as well.

Accordingly, as the leader of digital networks and services, AIS has announced its vision to bring the 5G network to recover the country after COVID-19 situation. We recognize the potential of eSports to become an essential engine for revitalization and growth for the country’s digital economy. Consequently, we are volunteering to be the center to support the eSports industry, including the launch of the AIS eSports STUDIO, which is The most advanced community for gamers and the new generation in Thailand.

Although, it will also collaborate with Thailand E-Sports Federation, multiple universities, and world-class technology partners to take the entire eSports industry to the next level, whether eSports players, streamers, or voice actors, to increase their passion for new careers and make actual money.

Besides, it will also create opportunities and growth for entrepreneurs in the eSports industry in all sectors, which will lead to recovery and drive the country’s digital economy to sustainable growth and promote Thailand to become an eSports hub in Southeast Asia.”