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Mazda Crossover’s Sales Steps Up as Top Rank in June


Mazda achieves as best seller in crossover SUV market with the total sales of 1,200 units after it has once achieved this success in the past April. This leads Mazda to step up as the leader of the crossover SUV segment for the second time and creates its sales history in the first quarter of 2020 fiscal year with an accumulative sales of 2,201 units.

This success emphasizes Mazda’s commitment and determination in developing SKYACTIV vehicle embodied Kodo – design concept that meets the various applications with complete function and safety technology. Therefore, Mazda is able to successfully dominate the automotive market in this segment.

Mr. Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd said, “We change the impossible into challenge. We have once make the impossible to possible by stepping up as the leader in subcompact car market. Today, Mazda is honored and very pleased that Mazda’s crossover SUV has received excellent feedback from Thai customers until we are able to become the leader in SUV segment again.

All of this success arose from trust and confidence of Thai customers towards Mazda cars, especially since the introduction of ALL-NEW MAZDA CX-30, which is the latest crossover model and the minor change of CX-3 that comes to fulfil crossover market in Thailand and receives an overwhelming positive feedback from customers, benefiting Mazda to successfully become the leader in the Japanese crossover market in June and the first quarter of 2020 fiscal year. Therefore, Mazda would like to thank customers for this overwhelming support.”

“Amid the pandemic of Coronavirus which is inevitably affecting the automotive market in Thailand, however, every business has to move forward to accelerate the national economic and social security. Particularly, in the past 3 months from April to June, the total automotive market has an accumulative sales of 124,000 units while Mazda has an accumulative sales of 5,256 units.

In the meantime, the total sales of crossover SUV in June has 4,847 units (excluded PPV), in which Mazda car was the best-selling brand with 1,184 units, divided into 700 units of MAZDA CX-30, 230 units of MAZDA CX-5, 173 units of MAZDA CX-3 and 81 units of MAZDA CX-8 respectively. This allows Mazda to become the leader of Japanese crossover SUV brand in June and succeed to the next level as top sales in the first quarter of 2020 fiscal year (April-June) with an accumulative sales of 2,201 units, while the total market is around 10,982 units (estimated number).” Mr. Chanchai added.