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Makro launches the Konthaijaiboon Project, making donations easy

Mrs. Siriporn Dechsingha, Chief Corporate Communications Officer Siam Makro PCL

Makro sprouts the idea of ​​”Konthaijaiboon” to build trust in donations and increase convenience. In line with the new behavior that people are starting to buy more donations By collaborating with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (PCD) to create a platform for online donation and regular purchase channels In order to arrange a set of products that meet the needs of the institution through the online system that is fast and convenient Helps to make it easier for donations

Mrs. Siriporn Dechsingha, Chief Corporate Communications Officer Siam Makro PCL, said today that Makro has around 3 million customers. During this crisis, Covid-19, we discovered that 5 new behaviors occurred. Both in terms of 1. People pay more attention to cleanliness 2. Protect and pay more attention to themselves 3. People are more at home Resulting in many more activities in the house, including cooking, planting trees, 4. More people using online media and 5. More people donating From seeing more people in trouble during the crisis According to data from Siam Commercial Bank, 96% of the household donations are spent, with over 1.3 billion baht in annual donations.

In the past, we saw that Many organizations have started to make more donations. Beginning to see the company start sharing with society every month, every quarter, and from the Covid-19 period More institutions have fewer people to donate. Affected Which is the first factor of impact that may need more help

Today, Makro welcomes more and more consumer users in the household. And found that users are starting to buy in larger quantities Most of them are drinking water, diapers and instant food groups. When inquiring, he found that there was a purchase to donate. Giving us ideas for helping customers who want to buy to donate Therefore became a project “Konthaijaiboon” to meet the needs of sharing

Mr. Wirat Wongpornpakdee Director Makro 4.0, said that the Konthaijaiboon project was a beginning since the Covid-19 crisis. To help those who want to donate Understand the needs of donations from different institutions Helping donors more easily reach places that they want to donate

Mr. Wirat Wongpornpakdee Director Makro 4.0 Siam Makro PCL

From this problem, when we return to our strategy Makro has a full range of sales and service channels online, delivery, call ordering Or walk into the store Which will help make the donation more convenient In the second strategy, when delving into buying behavior We found some behavioral changes. In which we see certain groups of people wanting to express themselves in sharing Want to help Or want to pass on love to others

And for the donation experience We will help encourage donors to understand the correct needs of the institution correctly. In the past, donors were not familiar with And don’t know what to buy What is the thing that the institution wants us to create a Konthaijaiboon project in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security? Who see the problem in the same direction From the Covid-19 crisis, which is believed that this project will help respond to both donors and recipients as well.

Also will see that In the donation kit that we provided the products And will show the clear price in the entire matching demand group Such as stationery sets, supplies, sterile sets, making it convenient to buy and donate

Today, we want to create value in 4 important parts which are 1. Participation of both donors and foster homes. The Ministry and Makro will coordinate together. 2 The credibility that we are trying to make. To set new standards for future donations 3. Creating value in donating more desirable products This will create value that can reach the Bang Pang group of Thailand. 4 Expansion of the base of people who want to donate more Helping buyers not have to go to buy massively donated products in the store Can order easily via call or online

Currently, there are welfare institutions Under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security in more than 10 locations in Bangkok and its surrounding provinces to choose to donate And is expected to add another 13 locations to complete the 23 locations and will expand to 60 in the coming year. In the future, there will be further cooperation with more than 150 welfare institutions in the country.

We have started this Konthaijaiboon project for over 1 month, with more people coming to donate. Which can scan the QR code into To see which institution What donation packages are suitable for that location? And then can easily order And the donor can then go to the selected institution In order to deliver the goods delivered to that location

Which if the donor is not convenient Can allow Makro to deliver to that institution. In addition, within 15 days, that institution will have a thank you document To confirm product delivery It is considered to create value for the donation to be credible. Through screening of Makro and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security Better

We try to create a donation channel that meets the needs. Which today we mainly rely on the Ministry of Public Health as the main answer to the need for donations Which will be expanded to cover the service area in an efficient donation section

Currently, Makro has already opened services in 134 branches in Thailand. By 2020, There are 2 new branches opened, namely Amata Branch, Chon Buri Province and Ram Inthra Km.4 Branch and in 2019 there was 1 branch opened in Myanmar.

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