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Shell launches “Restart Together with Shell” campaign

Restart Together
Ms. Ornuthai Na Chiangmai, Executive Director of Retail Business, The Shell Company of Thailand

The Shell Company of Thailand Limited launches the “Restart Together with Shell” campaign enhancing the customers’ back-to-the-road journey with confidence, assurance and happiness to affirm its leadership position in the global energy as well as fuel industry and in response to consumers’ changing lifestyles under the “New Normal”.

Starting today, the campaign profoundly focuses on providing customers with confidence to get back on the road, assurance for their health and well-beings, and value-for-money; the campaign will thereby delight customers who have been yearning for resuming their new-normal lives.

Ms. Ornuthai Na Chiangmai, Executive Director of Retail Business, The Shell Company of Thailand, said “The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about lifestyle changes of our customers. With the palpable sentiment of health as well as financial uncertainty, Shell understands that Thai consumers have been looking for partners who can provide solutions that address challenges and therefore offer them peace-of-mind.

Aspiring to help Thais and Thailand regain our lives back stronger than ever, Shell is launching ‘Restart Together with Shell’ to demonstrate Shell’s unceasing care to customers and their vehicles through 1) our safety standard and hygiene protocol, 2) our quality products and 3) integrated valued offers at Shell stations nationwide.

Living our purpose of ‘Make Life’s Journeys Better’, Shell is wholeheartedly committed to providing best-in-class customer experience; we are ready to introduce our new strategy and campaigns in order to propel innovation, partnership, and people development.”

The “Restart Together with Shell” campaign with 3 overarching themes desires to deepen our partnership with Thai consumers provided the unprecedented change in consumer behavior under the “New Normal”:

“Restart Together with Shell” campaign

Restart with Confidence: With Shell high-quality fuels and lubricants developed from Shell’s advanced technology, customers can restart their on-the-road journey with confidence. The unique formulas cleanse and protect engines, boosting their engine performance and efficiency and ultimately ensuring customers to be back on the road with confidence.

Restart with Assurance: Shell has meticulously upheld safety standard and hygiene measures to the next level. Our protocols include but not limited to a) educating staff on how to maintain hygiene and personal care, b) screening all staff before they begin work, c) increasing the frequency of station cleaning every 1 to 2 hours,

d) requiring service staff to wear face mask, food service staff to wear face mask and gloves for safety, and e) respecting social distancing. Furthermore, Shell also introduces payment innovation—contactless payment; we are moving towards a complete contactless payment system for customers’ utmost convenience and safety.

Restart with Happiness: Taking customers’ financial concern and their demand for convenience into consideration, Shell offers integrated valued packages, new services, and promotions to address customers’ need:

o Introduce services on digital platforms in response to the New Normal: a) lubricant-service packages available on such a leading e-commerce site as Shopee and b) delivery services for food and beverages via Grab.

o Add assortment of hygiene products such as fabric masks, hand sanitizing alcohol and travel size alcohol-based hand sanitizers at Shell SELECT stores.

o Introduce new refreshing beverages at a special price of 40 baht at deli café.

o Aggrandize value for money through interlaced promotions across Shell businesses. For every purchase of Shell V-Power fuels worth 800 baht for car owners, and 30 baht for motorcycle owners, customers will receive maximum 800 baht and 30 baht respectively equal discount value when purchasing our oil-change services at Shell Retail stations. Additionally, customers who spend on fuels can present their receipts to redeem a free beverage upsize at deli café and Shell SELECT.

The “Restart Together with Shell” campaign kickstarts today to enhance customers’ confidence with our high quality fuels and lubricant products, assurance with our safety standard and hygiene protocol and happiness with an integrated value packages as well as a wide range of non-oil-product selection.