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KBank launches “KhunThong” to help manage financial for LINE friends


KASIKORNBANK (KBank) and KASIKORN Business-Technology Group (KBTG) – a leading financial technology developer – have jointly unveiled KhunThong, a social chatbot on the LINE platform. With the concept of “KhunThong – A New Breed of Treasurer” which is an expert in managing financial matters, the innovation for LINE users aims to promote a cashless society in response to the ‘New Normal’ environment where people have avoided physical cash handling and shifted to contactless payment instead.

To get started, users just add @KhunThong in the LINE messaging application and invite KhunThong to their friend group. The chatbot can help you overcome the complexities of calculating expenses, splitting a bill or collecting payment. KhunThong users can make payment easily via K PLUS, or scanning the e-slip bearing a QR code by any mobile banking application of other leading banks to confirm payment. KBank and KBTG aim to see more than 600,000 KhunThong users by the end of this year.

Mr. Ruangroj Poonpol, KBTG Chairman, said KhunThong is an innovative technology which has been jointly developed by KBank and KBTG. The social chatbot can be used in the LINE platform which is very popular in Thailand, as proven by the number of users nationwide now exceeding 45 million. This innovation can perfectly meet the lifestyle of the new generation who love to get together and create LINE friend groups to do various activities like dining or saving for group travel.

The KhunThong social chatbot has been conceived with three main features in mind: 1) The chatbot must act as a personal treasurer to manage financial matters among friend groups; 2) The chatbot must have features that can manage spending within a group of friends such as bill splitting, saving for group travel or sharing expenses; and 3) The chatbot must enable cashless payment that comes with speed and convenience as users do not need to switch between apps and can avoid physical cash handling.

Payment can also be made via PromptPay, and KhunThong can help users verify payment by scanning the QR code-bearing e-slip with any mobile banking application of other leading banks.

The KhunThong social chatbot has functions that operate in LINE. Just add @KhunThong as a LINE friend, and the service user will instantly have a partner to help manage finances among you and your friends. This includes quick and accurate funds collection plus other features, as follows:

  1. Fair splitting of group expenses: Funds can be collected easily by just entering KhunThong and uploading the receipt photo to the chat group for members to each select what they have eaten, so that the expenses can either be split equally or in accordance with how much food each of the group members has eaten.
  2. Efficient expense collection: Anyone who has not paid a bill will be notified by KhunThong until they fully settle the bill.
    Easy bill payment via any of the following methods:
  3. K PLUS account linked with KhunThong: The advantage of this payment channel is that the service user can make a payment instantly without the need to switch applications.
    1. K PLUS: KhunThong will bring the service user to the K PLUS screen and display an account number and payment amount. The service user as a payer only needs to verify the accuracy of these details and press “Confirm”.
    2. Other mobile banking services: An e-slip with a QR code will be sent to the chat group and KhunThong will verify the accuracy of funds transfer details, including the recipient’s account and the amount of funds, from the QR code.
    3. Cash: KhunThong will record the payment once the receipt holder confirms that the funds have been received.

KhunThong will respond only to sentences with a banking-related instruction such as “Funds Collection”, or to its own name, “KhunThong”. In addition, KhunThong shares the highest security standards of KBank, which does not have a policy of collecting chat data from KhunThong service users. All operations of KhunThong are under the supervision of the Bank of Thailand; therefore, service users can be confident in its data security. Service users can configure privacy settings in the LINE app, as well.

KhunThong will soon launch three additional features on savings that meet the demands of people who have started planning their travels again as well as those who are spending more time streaming online, namely:

Scheduled Bills – for monthly bills that require shared payment such as Netflix, the online streaming service, where account and payment can be split between users. KhunThong will send notifications and collect money until full payment is received. Bills are paid on time.

2) Multiple Bills – collect travel payments for multiple people, for many bills, on both long and short trips – Worry no more, as KhunThong is always ready to help you manage the bills that you have accumulated over the course of your trips. KhunThong is capable of splitting all your bills and collecting payment through a single transaction.

3) Social Wallet – For those who wish to keep all their savings for recreational purposes in one shared space, KhunThong will collect money from all users in a group until the desired amount is reached. No need to pay in advance for others!

Exclusive! You can receive a 50 Baht Shopee e-Voucher just by using KhunThong to settle any of your bills of at least 150 Baht, shared among three or more members, and complete your payment through the bank account linked to KhunThong, via K PLUS or submission of e-Slip to the LINE group from June 15 to August 16, 2020. Limited availability!

For more information about KhunThong, click or call the K-Contact Center at Tel. 02-888-8888, press 815, or text “Ask KhunThong” at the official LINE account of KBank Live.