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SEAC unveils “Family Package” offering essential life skills

Family Package

SEAC continues its EMPOWER LIVING mission with its commitment to fulfill every goal in life through lifelong learning and development. The centre therefore unveils its first “Family Package” which offers life skills perfectly suited for all family members. Together with YourNextU and YourNextU YOUNG, the program ensures quality family living.

Mrs. Arinya Talerngsri, Chief Capability Officer & Managing Director of SEAC (Southeast Asia Center), said, “Under the SEAC’s EMPOWER LIVING commitment which aims at fulfilling people’s goals in life, businesses and services offered by SEAC are designed to allow people of all ages an opportunity to learn new skills and to develop continuously all through their lives.

These services include Organisational and People Transformation which provides contextualised solutions for organisations looking for transformation; and Workforce Capability Development which supports people to reskill and upskill through subscription-based unlimited-learning YourNextU model where learners can choose their own learning approach.

SEAC also prepares to expand its operations to children and youth as we believe “lifelong learning will be all the more possible and effective when we begin at a young age. This is to bring the potential of Thai youth to the next level so that they become quality global citizens.””

The Covid-19 outbreak creates an academic new normal where children have to turn to online classes. This has indirect impacts on parents who play a supportive role in facilitating the learning process as designated by the academic curriculum and other extracurricular activities.

Such a change has somehow put more pressure on the family whereby parents’ understanding and their ability to catch up with kids’ thinking and perspectives are paramount. Realising such a challenge, SEAC has launched its first Family Package which offers “Life Skills” for all family members.

Together with YourNextU and YourNextU YOUNG, this new package is sure to build knowledge, create understanding and encourage discussions among family members to reach the happiness equation through Virtual Classrooms and from certified, experienced and specialist trainers.

Mrs. Orapan Parapob Gilman, director of YourNextU YOUNG, said, “The Family Package is another determined project from YourNextU with a special feature of being the first programme ever where everyone in the family will get a chance to learn together while strengthening family bond simultaneously.

For this package, YourNextU YOUNG covers Life Skills curriculum designed based on children’s potential and skill development. This comprises 6Cs which are Competence, Confidence, Character, Caring, Connection and Contribution – all of which are essential as foundations for every child to reach their goals in all aspects of life.”

The Family Package is categorised into children and adult curriculum namely:

  1. Highlight programmes for children aged 9-15
    • Growth Mindset the Series (How to think and instil Growth Mindset) – 7 learning topics
    • Build Character for Future the Series – 7 learning topics
  2. Highlight programmes for parents
    • Growth Mindset the Series
    • Outward Mindset the Series
    • Personality and Style Series
    • Tips and techniques for family

Three special learning packages are available exclusively for the debut period:

  1. Exploring the world of learning – starter package (8 hours during 2 months) 1,600 baht (special price)
  2. Exploring the world of learning – medium package (20 hours during 4 months) 3,800 baht (special price)
  3. Exploring the world of learning – comprehensive package (40 hours during 6 months) 7,200 baht (special price)

Mrs. Arinya concluded that “SEAC firmly believes that parents are the key to children’s learning and sustainable development. As a result, communications which are based on true understanding is extremely important in enabling appropriate development well-suited for children’s ages.

This also means to avoid pressuring them or putting too much concentration on academic results to the point that it blocks their opportunity to learn other different dimensions. This new Life Skills programm is the best solution to encourage family members to boost life skills all in one package.

All this is the company’s determination to carry on its EMPOWER LIVING commitment to develop and elevate the potential of Thai people so that they are able to stay relevant with the changing world and to completely fulfil their goals in life.”

Special offer: All family members can try the new learning experience from now until 14 June by registering via

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