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Krating Daeng supports heroes fighting against COVID-19

Krating Daeng

With the mass spread of COVID-19 and an unknown future ahead, self-quarantine and social distancing policies have become Thai society’s new normal. However, certain groups of people still need to go out for work in order to move the country forward, which allows everyone to live our lives at home normally even during this critical time. In this regard, Krating Daeng, under the TCP Group, would like to express appreciation toward these essential workers by launching the ‘Unforgotten Hero’ campaign to thank all the heroes whose efforts are vital to bringing the country through this crisis.

These heroes on the frontline do not possess superpowers. They do have courage, two hands, and hopeful hearts, and are ready to take action with unceasing determination and the aim only to help the country quickly get through the crisis. Whether they are healthcare workers who dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to providing medical treatment, or other groups of heroes who are exposed to equally high risk of infection such as cleaners, trash collectors, drivers of public transportation, security guards, delivery personnel and many others. Their immeasurable dedication has inspired Krating Daeng to deliver heartfelt stories cherishing these heroes in the form of a short movie named “Unforgotten Hero” to express our admiration regarding their determination and sacrifice in fighting this crisis.

When heroes perform their duties, Krating Daeng is ready to support them

When these heroes continue to do their job under such difficult circumstances, Krating Daeng stands ready to send out our special activity team (TCP Team) to distribute more than a million bottles of Krating Daeng and other beverages under TCP Group to quench heavy thirsts, in addition to COVID-19 prevention kits including cloth face masks, rubber gloves and face shields, which are essential equipment for the heroes to stay safe from the virus.

It is estimated that there will be over 7 million employees (or 18.5% of the total of the country’s workforce) who will, unfortunately, face unemployment. In this regard, the TCP Team is actively handing out care pouches to 50,000 families in need. This is an inclusive field visit to aid those who are affected. Moreover, Krating Daeng is also endeavoring to help everyone save on costs by offering the redemption of Krating Daeng points via LINE application toward the payment of electricity and water utility bills, internet top-ups or alternative face masks to partially mitigate some of the hardship.

Krating Daeng has been through ups and downs with the Thai people for over 40 years and always given support to the society. This time, Krating Daeng is readier than ever to provide aids to everyone to help keep them on the bright side and to give assistance to all those going through this crisis – as in previous ones. For more updates on Krating Daeng’s activities to support the dedicated heroes, please visit the Krating Daeng’s Facebook page.