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Facebook Reveals ‘Discover Age’ New Manuscript Digital Consumer

John Wagner, Managing Director of Facebook Thailand

Today TheReporterAsia Invite you to trace the new era of digital marketing The Southeast Asian region has begun to launch a ‘discovery era’ based on the latest research under the heading ‘Riding the Digital Wave: Southeast Asia’s Discovery Generation‘ in which Facebook collaborated with Ben & Company to explore people in the region. this To find the answer to behavior The ‘digital consumer’ has grown more than 3 times since 2015-2018 from 90 million to 250 million and is expected to reach 310 million by 2025.

John Wagner, Managing Director of Facebook Thailand, revealed that the definition of digital consumer Since becoming a person who has bought products online at least once, which has started to increase And continuously expanding the average age level And today we are going through a major change in retailing worldwide. Merchandise is no longer restricted to stores. People still have different buying habits each time. The survey results reflect the important route in the discovery of digital consumer products. Allowing them to interact with businesses from multiple channels at the same time And always ready to be open to accepting new brands

And that makes big companies Which, despite being known, had to make a digital consumer Always discovering new things While improving product and service quality To always have new feelings as well As for new brands Will start to see more of digital consumer Which these new brands have to create their own identity With a selling point that responds to the target group To attract digital consumers to respond

Derek Keswakaroon, DBA – Partner – Bain & Company, said that Southeast Asia now has a higher rate of digital adoption. Which drives changes in the regional online trading market Thailand is still one of the key drivers of these changes, so brands need to catch consumer interests and concepts in time. In order to apply to the marketing and sales plans that are consistent with the changing consumer buying behavior, brands still need to think of new approaches. To create a positive buying experience for digital consumers


Beginning the ‘discovery era’, a new trend in digital consumer

Thailand and Southeast Asia Open to receiving new brands up to 75% in Singapore. While Thailand has found about 65% of new brand exposure and online shopping behavior of Thailand has grown more than 5 times, equivalent to the number 2 of ASEAN, after Vietnam, which is the number one place that grew by more than 6%.

Behavior of new discoveries Is the most prominent trend, with 71% of Thai respondents saying they are not sure what they want to buy while browsing online, and more than 76% of respondents say they know the product and New brand From online channels And consumers in Thailand still like to buy from many channels. About 90% of these groups say they compare prices from both online platforms and storefront prices before making a purchase.

Survey: Nearly 60% of Thai consumers have tried to buy products from online stores that they had never known in the past year. With the 3 main factors that consumers buy online Top product reviews from other users Attractive price or promotion And the attractiveness of the product. However, it is interesting that 61% of Thai consumers do not want to wait for the price reduction or promotion to buy the product And will make a purchase decision when wanting to buy immediately

Derek Keswakaroon, DBA – Partner – Bain & Company

Opportunities that are open to new brands of Digital Consumer in Southeast Asia Reflecting the uncertainty of the loyalty of the reduced brand And that made brands start to make themselves more discoverable To be in the eyes of these digital consumers strategically

John said that we know these things will come. But there has been a long question about when it will actually happen. And why it hasn’t arrived yet The latest research clearly indicates that ‘It is here’ and these waves will lead us to many opportunities. Which Thai people are ready to access the internet And the increased readiness to access the transshipment segment due to government policies Digital Thailand 4.0

The power of Facebook is to reach people. And those people are ready to open to new things through discovery on Facebook Which is an interesting market of products And we are also a personalized platform That can truly know behavior and needs Send messages through Dynamic Add System with matching artificial intelligence (AI) system that will enable the brand of the product to penetrate the target audience as needed. In addition, we are able to specify the extent of the location in order to create a specific area of ​​distribution. As limited as needed

Facebook system Can help enhance the digital experience for Thais to discover what is waiting all the time Through tangible, brand-relevant online worlds And that allows brands to create an experience that digital consumer needs

While the challenge of Facebook is to create convenience. And a precise system to enable digital consumers to reach the brand As well as increasing the convenience of tools that help brand new and old Work more conveniently Based on factual information and able to follow the strategy set. In order to successfully send messages to the target group In the end The means of communication of the brand is the key. That will help make digital consumer interested in the brand and become customers in the future