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‘CP ALL’ To Launch ‘Opportunity [email protected] ALL 2020’


CP ALL‘ welcomes a new decade by holding “Opportunity [email protected] ALL 2020” on Feb 26-28, 2020 at Building B, Thai Government Complex, to maintain the initial motto of “Giving & Sharing Opportunities to Everyone”. It gathers SMEs to showcase their products on the 10,000 square meters space with other highlights including 35,000 jobs in Job Fair Zone, scholarship worth over 1 billion baht, business matching, SME Clinic by government agencies and financial institutions, SME and agro-products zone, etc. Speakers from different industries will also share their insights on main stage to help improve SME or businesses in the Digital Age.

Mr. Banyat Kamnoonwatana, Advisor to Executive Officer of CP All Public Company Limited, founder of 7-Eleven convenience stores in Thailand, said that the Opportunity Day @CP ALL and the roadshow of Giving and Sharing Opportunities @CP All under the theme of “Opportunity Market” was organized first time in 2019, the company received very good feedback from SMEs, students, job seekers and the public. Hence, it prepares to hold “Opportunity Day @CP ALL 2020” to grant good opportunities to every party again during February 26-28, 2020 at 2nd Floor at Ratthaprasasanabhakti Building (Building B), Thai Government Complex, on Chaeng Watthana Road.

For the concept this year, it will highlight 7 opportunities: 1. Job Opportunity 2. Business Partner Opportunity 3. Education Opportunity 4. 7-Eleven Store Business Partner Opportunity 5. Good Quality of Life Opportunity 6. Knowledge Opportunity and 7. Shopping Opportunity for Good Products. The event will be organized in 9 zones, which are 1. Knowledge Zone (Main Stage)

  1. Pavilion Zone 3. Educational Zone 4. Job Fair Zone 5. Agro-products Zone 6. Selective SME Products Zone 7. SME Clinic Zone 8. Business Matching Zone and 9. Partnering Up with
    7-Eleven Zone. Every zone is open for public at no cost.

“We have our alliances from all sectors participate and set up more than 300 booths on the space of around 10,000 square meters. The alliances are SMEs who bring local community products and agro-products to sell at special prices. The government agencies, including Department of Industry Promotion (DIP), Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department of Business Development (DBD), Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and National Innovation Agency (NIA) provide knowledge and incentives for business sector and SMEs.

Academic institutions such as Panyapiwat Technological College and Panyapiwat Institute of Management also join and grant around 12,000 scholarships worth more than 1 billion baht. There will be more than 35,000 jobs for application in the event. Meanwhile, financial institutions will give the consultancy services for finance and business for those who are interested,” said Mr. Banyat.

On that day, the main stage will hold in-depth on “Education Transform” and “Success Tips of Successful SMEs” Seminars. In addition, there will be an award ceremony, entitled “7-Eleven Thai SMEs Sustainability Award 2019”, to the SMEs who are partners with CP ALL. Importantly, those who would like to place their products in 7-Eleven and 24 shopping or become business partners with 7-Eleven will be able to get more information from persons in charge directly.

Mr.Banyat adds that this event is one of the activities that the company hold continuously in order to create giving and sharing opportunities to everyone. The company would like to support Thai people to have secured employment, good education and pleasant quality of life. It also expects to enable SMEs to scale up their businesses and gain knowledge from this 3-day event.

Ms.Sutthikan Masamran, Director of Business Network Promotion and Coordination Unit, Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP), disclosed that this year OSMEP will focus on supporting three groups of entrepreneurs – early-staged, micro- and small-sized ones. These three groups cover more than 3 million entrepreneurs, whom OSMEP aims to strengthen business continuously and ride on a wave of change to stay competitive in new-age business.

It will provide the consultancy services about networking development, products and services development, knowledge enhancement to meet required standards, management, innovation adoptation for adding more value, and cost reduction. On Opportunity Day @CP ALL, OSMEP will have the booth to provide consultancy services and allow SMEs to register via Application SME Connext and SMEONE website to access its news and information as well as useful activities.

Dr.Ariyaporn Amnucksoradej, Acting Director of Division of Industrial Business Capability Development, Department of Industry Promotion (DIP) said that the 2020s is the decade that the world will fully step into digital transformation. Meanwhile, Thailand will hold the auction for 5G, which will bring numerous benefits to the country.

For its responsibility to promote the industrial sector and SMEs, Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP) has a strong determination to enhance knowledge and creativity to SMEs and enable them to use smart technology to increase productivity in their businesses through seminars and booths. Opportunity Day @CP All 2020 is another event that DIP will join and set up a booth to disseminate knowledge to SMEs in every industry.