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Samsung 4K OLED display panel is Global Certified

Samsung Display
Graphic: Business Wire

Samsung Display Company announced today that its 4K OLED display panel for notebooks (laptops) has received certificates of premium display from Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS*), the largest inspection and testing agency in the world.

The OLED panel was awarded certifications for ‘Premium Display (Content Creation)’ and ‘Premium Display (Gaming)’. SGS said the certified specifications for this 4K OLED display provide an optimized display environment for online game playing, content creation, and personal live streaming shows (an increasingly popular application in the IT market).

Tested under SGS supervision, two models of the Samsung Display notebook panel satisfied rigid evaluation standards by depicting color within the DCI P3** 100-percent color range, as well as providing an unsurpassed HDR True Black*** 0.0001nit**** color level, and an incredibly fast 0.2ms response time*****.

Compared with conventional LCDs, OLED self-lighting pixels from Samsung Display provide colors that are more real-life and vivid, with a faster response time and wider color gamut. For example, its HDR True Black level is the maximum ‘Black Level’ luminance certified by SGS. This correlates to the richest black coloring available.

In 2019, Samsung Display introduced its 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch 4K OLED displays for notebooks and laptops worldwide, and said it intends to expand its OLED notebook line-up to include full high definition (FHD) models in 2020.