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CyberLink start for AI and facial recognition technologies


CyberLink Corp., a pioneer of AI and facial recognition technologies, participated in the Intel Edge Computing Solution Summit. The summit brought together leaders from the IoT industry who shared insights on AI edge computing’s latest breakthroughs and the opportunities that this technology will bring in the future.

Dr. Jau Huang, CyberLink’s founder and CEO, was invited to speak about the benefits of edge computing and how it enables precise, fast, affordable and secure AIoT use cases including facial recognition, such as the company’s FaceMe® AI-based engine.

With FaceMe®, CyberLink has leveraged edge-based technology and AI to deliver one of the world’s most precise, flexible and best performing facial recognition engines. Compared with cloud-based solutions, edge computing is much cheaper, greatly enhances flexibility and provides real-time response, helping system integrators quickly develop and add new functionalities into existing systems and new AIoT products.

FaceMe® AI facial recognition has been integrated into solutions such as identity verification, access control, statistics and customer service, across a number of industries including retail, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, security, and public safety. At the summit, Dr. Huang shared insights on edge computing current trends, opportunities and challenges, illustrated by several customer success stories.

“AI-based facial recognition is one of the key AIoT enablers and is on its way to become ubiquitous, with the proliferation of edge solutions embedded into any devices equipped with cameras,” said Dr. Jau Huang, founder and CEO of CyberLink. “FaceMe® is very well positioned to become the engine of choice across industries.”

Edge computing is one of the fastest developing and widely-applied IoT technologies. At the summit, CyberLink showcased its FaceMe® facial recognition engine powered by Intel Movidius and optimized by OpenVINO, drawing attention from hundreds of attendees. Using OpenVINO, FaceMe®’s algorithm can achieve a 7x performance boost making FaceMe® the best option on the Intel platform.