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South Korea’s Hancom Group to Exhibit at CES 2020


Hancom Group, South Korea’s leading ICT company, has announced that it will participate at CES 2020, Jan. 7-10, 2020, in Las Vegas. The company will present its visions for making the world better through pioneering future innovation for an ever-evolving tech industry.

Who is Hancom?

Hancom, like the other highly recognized South Korean market leaders, will share with the industry how it uniquely envisions Robotics, Smart City and AI Life Blockchain technology.

How Hancom sees Robotics

Led by Hancom’s Convenient World vision for work and life, Toki is one in a line-up of specialized robots for home and educational use. With customized AI conversations through face and voice recognition tailored to each family member, Toki also has home monitoring and video calling capabilities. Come experience Toki live at the Show.

How Hancom sees Smart City and Blockchain

Driven by Hancom’s Safe World vision, the innovator has developed an Intelligent City Platform, the next-generation smart city platform creating a secure urban ecosystem by connecting everything to each other utilizing the latest technologies. This connectivity will improve city services and infrastructure, as well as the quality of life for urban dwellers.

The Intelligent City Platform acts as urban control tower integrating AI technology, blockchain and IoT, while utilizing real-time data for easy visualization.

On Life Blockchain, Hancom’s efforts are game changing and wide ranging. They include a seamless, private blockchain platform to allow privileged user access, providing electronic contracts, document notarization services, civic applications/certifications and public data access.

“As South Korea’s leading ICT company, we look forward to sharing at CES how Hancom will contribute to make the world Smarter and Better,” said Dr. Peter Wonsok Yun, President of Global Business, Hancom Group.

Pre-show and Show media interviews are welcome. Come visit us at the Show; we’ll be located at South Hall 2, AI & Robotics, Booth 25628 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.