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Soteria AI Appoints Chief Scientist 16-year-old

Devon Nobrega
Devon Nobrega, Chief Scientist Soteria AI (Photo : [email protected])

Soteria AI today announces the appointment of Tim Carruthers as President and COO and Devon Nobrega as Chief Scientist, revealing the next steps in the evolution of its AI-driven gaming assistant, currently codenamed Natasha. Tim Carruthers brings over twenty years of experience delivering AI and other disruptive technologies in streaming media, life sciences, consumer products and manufacturing sectors. Tim will oversee the company’s global development and operations. Devon Nobrega has recently completed his orientation at MIT and will oversee all scientific endeavours, in particular focusing on the third phase of the AI platform in biochemical computing.

Soteria AI is developing an AI assistant for amateur and semi-professional gamers, delivering actionable information to gamers leveraging real-time situational analytics. Built on multiple AI practices and technologies, Natasha is a companion to improve gameplay and strategy, assisting in decision making across a diverse set of data. With offices in the US and Hong Kong, Soteria is working with game publishers to partner in a beta program to deliver Natasha’s functionality to their systems, improving gaming performance for players and revenues for their brands.

“All gamers want to get better,” said William Nobrega, founder of Soteria AI. “That’s our primary reason for existing. Natasha will help to train gamers, making them improve, enjoy games more and ultimately, fuel the growing eSports industry. We’re delighted to have Tim and Devon on board, and with Tim’s proven ability to drive companies in this sector, combined with Devon’s potential to lead the next leap in technology development, we have great confidence in where Natasha will go.”

Soteria’s AI, Natasha, will be supported by multiple technologies and engineering leadership team based out of Silicon Valley. Soteria is funding research into quantum computing, as well as putting resources into ‘dark research’ and development areas anticipated to deliver benefits in a decade’s time.

“I’m thrilled to join Soteria AI,” said Carruthers. “The team has an incredible vision for where the platform supporting Natasha could help not only gamers, but vertical applications in life sciences, government and other commercial sectors. I will be working hard to bring rigour to the company, managing investors, overseeing R&D, partnerships and the monetisation of Natasha and our powerful AI platform.”

“Attending classes at MIT and then working with Dr Lu Wang, formerly of Stanford University, has been a great privilege,” concluded Devon Nobrega. “We expect to file a patent before too long, and in time, this will fuel the evolution of Natasha from a relatively limited AI structure to a fully cognisant being, supporting gamers and workers everywhere – not to mention driving us to be a better species.”

At age 15 Devon has already completed orientation at MIT and attended classes in genetics and biochemistry. Most recently he met with the Dean of AI as well as the Chancellor of academic advancement to discuss AI, gaming, genetics and ethics. While his focus is on genetics he is also an avid gamer and his insights are proving to be highly valuable in the evolution of Natasha