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Thai Skill

Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) introducs the digital campaign, Thai Skill, as online learning channel for building up skills for life through digital technology that can lead to sustainable incomes and occupations. This campaign is also in accordance with the First Strategy of manpower development towards digital age, targeting to produce 30,000,000 digital citizens that can be adaptable to keep up with changes. The campaign includes online activity to promote Thais to share knowledge and creative ideas for career development to win the award up to 100,000 baht.

Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, President and CEO of Digital Economy Promotion Agency or depa, said, “In the period when digital technology plays a crucial role in business and life as well as emerging new opportunities and new challenges fostering transformation to incorporate change and technology. Based on the Strategic Plan for Digital Economy Promotion aligns with the National Policy regarding digital development for economy and society, depa as the organization that aims to support and promote the continuous learning, encourages people to become digital citizen by learning and leveraging technology in daily life and work and also making positive changes to society as a core fundamental of digital economy.

depa has the important mission to support manpower development for the country to enter the digital economy and society, which includes the master plan for digital economy promotion (2018 – 2021). The First Strategy of manpower development is a plat to prepare for the digital age by aiming to develop 30,000,000 digital citizens with proper access to useful information, knowledge and technology.

Recently, depa prepared to promote the “Thai Skill” campaign with the target to be an online learning channel, which supports Thais’ skill development through digital technology to sustain income and occupation, enhancing skills and knowledges by applying digital technology to business, industry, community, locality and society.”

“The project began because Thailand needed to be completely transformed to digital society at full course. Everything changes at accelerating speed. New form of digital technology emerges in the context of economy, politics and society, impacting value of existing products and services. People or businesses that cannot adjust timely will be replaced by new businesses and new service because they are more convenient and economical in the form of online. depa has supported and developed digital technology at fundamental level to apply digital technology to benefit economy, society, culture and national stability.

Our mission involves digital manpower development which is a vital basic. The promotion is to ensure the access and the use of digital technology in every integral part and to support people skills that can cope with changes that drive economy with digital technology. Ministry of Digital Economy and Society by depa plays a key role in centralizing knowledge with digital technology in order to transform to digital economy society in public, private and people sector,” Dr. Nuttapon said.

“Thai Skill” aims to upgrade skills of people through online learning channel or social media, such as Facebook and YouTube. The contents will be created to support basic digital technology skills and occupational skills for people and interested people at all levels that can enhance new skills and promote learning society among Thai people to have an access at all time, easy to use and ready to extend skills to work, make earning and improve life quality. Besides the platform encourages knowledge extension and lifelong learning.

Thai Skill consists of 2 sets of skills: 1. Knowledges for occupation, which are easy to follow and apply such knowledges to obtain occupations such as in agriculture and home economics (food and nutrition). Thailand is an agricultural country that inherits knowledge of farming from ancestors such knowledge has been passed on generation to generation. We should preserve the knowledge and utilize it for work sustainability.

  1. The skills that is necessary for professional works with immediate use such as digital skills, language and accounting, which can be extended to develop capabilities into communication and international business. These two skills are considered as the starting point of content that can lead to other advanced skilled. They can improve the quality of life for Thai people and lead to job sustainability.

However, target group of the project include general people especially in agriculture and industry which are initially important occupation in Thailand. To eliminate inequality and lack of opportunity in education and personal development, digital technology must be in used in the modern economy.

Thai Skill organizes learning contents to help developing skills for everyone. However, participation of interested people is the key success. One of the activities that promotes Thai Skill is to share knowledge for career development through online media. The project also extends to other areas including agriculture, language, digital and others. To participate in the activities, you can upload video clip on your social media such as Facebook and YouTube and hashtag #ThaiSkill then register via Inbox of the project’s Facebook.

Therefore, you could win the prize up to 100,000 baht award. The activity is organized to promote and encourage co-creation of learning media through the project’s platform, creativity and sharing occupational knowledge. YouTube Playlist on YouTube Channel will be created to collect idea and knowledge for others.

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