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VinFast Lux SA2.0

Vietnam’s first major automaker receives regional vote of confidence on three flagship car models from ASEAN safety rating organization, solidifying the country’s position as a rising world-class automaker

The company recently achieved prestigious safety certifications for three of its flagship car models from the New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asia Countries (ASEAN NCAP), the region’s automobile safety rating organization. ASEAN NCAP granted the highest safety certifications of 5-stars to two of VinFast’s luxury SUVs, the Lux SA2.0 and the Lux A2.0, while its versatile city car, the Fadil, was granted 4-star rating.

The safety certifications are testament to the success of VinFast’s ambitions to provide customers in ASEAN with high-quality and affordable vehicles designed and made in Vietnam. The company is projecting production of 500,000 units per year by 2025.


“VinFast is committed to bringing world-class automotive products to local and international consumers,” said Mr. Tran Le Phuong, Deputy General Director of Vinfast. “The ASEAN NCAP results validate VinFast’s commitment to always putting quality first as we continue to create automotive products that are innovative, affordable and safe.”

As one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, Vietnam has been serving mainly as an assembly location for foreign automotive brands, VinFast aims to reshape the automotive industry in Vietnam by providing customers with high-quality locally made vehicles.

The company is also addressing the growing demand for high-quality and affordable cars among Vietnam’s growing middle class. Vietnam’s Industrial Policy and Strategy Institute (IPSI) projects that domestic car sales will grow 22% annually from 2019 to 2025 a significant development for a market that has a current 4-5% car ownership rate.


VinFast made its international debut at the Paris Motor Show in 2018 and the company is not only achieving milestones with its automobiles, it will also serve as the title sponsor of the first-ever Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020, another significant achievement for both Vietnam and VinFast as the Formula 1 World Championship will be celebrating its 70th anniversary next year.