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CAT organizes CAT Network Showcase 2019

CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (CAT) organizes the “CAT Network Showcase 2019″, under the concept of Empowering Thailand Through Digital Technology. Discover the latest innovations and technology updates from CAT and business alliances, both domestically and internationally, to increase the capabilities and enhance the country’s competitiveness with regards to digital technology while also opening the digital learning experience trend with a forum from experts from various circles who will be present and share the ideas armed with technological strategies.

Col. Sanpachai Huvanandana, President of CAT Telecom Public Company Limited or CAT, said; “the 10th CAT Network Showcase 2019, this year, will be held under the concept of Empowering Thailand Through Digital Technology, to reflect the importance of digital technology which would be affecting changes in all dimensions; economic, social, quality of life, as well as affecting from the individual level right up to the national and international levels.

CAT as a major telecom network provider of Thailand, therefore, has an important mission to find the most effective technology to develop products and services to keep up with the changes and to be able to support all types of telecommunications needs with the goal to increase the capability and enhance the competitiveness of Thailand at the international level. This CAT Network Showcase will present innovations, advancements, and updates on communication technology trends which will be an important factor that will affect the country in every dimension.

Some of the highlights of this event, includes a forum by experts from various circles that will discuss, share knowledge, experiences, update digital trends, and present means to utilize digital technology as a tool for success, with interesting issues such as Empowering Thailand Through Digital Technology by Dr. Danant Subhadrabandhu, Asst. Prof. Dr. Nattaphon Nimmanpacharin, Khun Thakorn Piyapan, Khun Tee Vachiramon,

Thailand: Toward ASEAN Digital Hub by Dr. Wongkot Wijacksangsithi, Now is about Data from Big Data to Machine Learning to AI by Khun Thanawat Suthampan, Innovation for Creating a Smart Future by Dr. Natthawit Suritthikul, Dr. Yutthasart Nithiphaichit, Dr. Wiwat Wongwarawipat, Dr. Choochart Haruechaiyasak, Digital Transformation Trends for 2020 by Khun Pongsuk Hiranprueck, etc.

In addition, the event will also be hosting the Thailand IX seminar, which will be attended by leading Asian telecommunications companies, to share information, find ways to develop and create business opportunities together to strengthen the telecommunications business at the regional level. Another attraction that will be occurring for the first time at the CAT Network Showcase will be an introduction to e-Sport activities to promote and stress the importance to the sport in the current digital era and develop it to become more widely known and accepted,

With Mr.Santi Lohthong, President of the e-Sports Association of Thailand, who will be giving a lecture on the direction of the development of e-Sport in Thailand to advance to the world stage, as well as to join and discuss experiences in the preparation of the upcoming Thai national e-Sport athletes at the SEA Games 2019 in the Philippines. Opportunities will also be provided for gamers and participants to compete with the national athletes.

In addition to the various activities at The CAT Network Showcase 2019 event, CAT business units are also working together to update the progress of various communication technologies, which are divided into several zones such as; the Innovation Zone, Smart Business Zone, and the Smart Life Zone, in order to offer a variety of CAT services that are ready to meet all needs,

Such as the CAT SD-WAN, a technology for business organizations that will facilitate flexible connections, save cost, through a secure data transmission network; CAT Cyfence services, which provides care and protection of an organization’s IT system by experts and modern equipment combined with recommendations for integrated data security management; GDCC, or the Government Data Center and Cloud service,

Which CAT has been assigned to work with the Office of the National Digital Economy and Society Commissions (ONDE) to develop centralized virtual server services that meet international standards and possess high security for government agencies; CAT e-Business, presented by Aculearn Online by CAT, which is a real-time online learning system in the form of interactive online in order to provide a truly real-time teaching visualization experience;

And the Thailand National Single Window (NSW), in which data between various organizations are to be connected; the Google Station CAT WiFi (free WiFi) which is a free wireless internet in which CAT has collaborated with Google to install and provide high speed internet so that Thai people may have access to free internet in more than 60 locations nationwide, such as Hua Lamphong Railway Station, Si Mum Mueang Market, Ramkhamhaeng University, Chang International Circuit, etc.

LoRa IoT by CAT, will present the Smart Environment for Industry, an environmental measurement tool for industrial plants, displaying measurements such as energy levels, waste water, air pollution, the level of dust, and the humidity temperature, which meets the standards of the Department of Industrial Works.

There will also be a presentation of various smart solution, such as the ASEAN Digital Hub, in which CAT is accelerating the project to upgrade the telecommunications infrastructure to drive the country’s economy forward and increase the efficiency of the international internet network, which includes network capacity expansion and the laying of a new submarine cable system that connects countries in the Asia-Pacific regions, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and South Korea, in order to make Thailand a hub for communication among ASEAN countries.

We expect that the CAT Network Showcase 2019 event will be another activity that will demonstrate the capabilities and potential of Thailand that CAT is committed to develop digital and telecommunication services with modern technology and new innovations continuously, to create business value as well as drive the economy and society of the country to become a perfect DIGITAL THAILAND”.