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KBank and Chonburi Hospital to launch CBH PLUS app

In a drive to transform Chonburi Hospital into a “smart hospital”, Chonburi Hospital has teamed with KASIKORNBANK (KBank) to debut the CBH PLUS application. Its key features include a link to the database of the National Health Security Office (NHSO), which allows patients to check their own medical benefits under three healthcare schemes, i.e., Universal Health Coverage (known as the Gold Card), Social Security Scheme, and Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme (CSMBS) via this innovative application.

The CBH PLUS application provides a personal health record (PHR) which can be accessed anywhere, anytime, as well as a real-time queuing system that cuts long waiting time for seeing physicians and receiving medicines, and payment functions via both credit and debit cards. With the aim of providing greater convenience to patients in accessing healthcare services, especially the more than 4,000 patients served each day by Chonburi Hospital, the two partners envisage that CBH PLUS will soon be connected with all of the hospitals in the province.

In accordance with its central mission of safeguarding Thai citizens’ well-being, the Ministry of Public Health aims to help people look after their own health and care through the provision of health-related knowledge, the use of quality-of-life development committees at the district level, improvement in the quality of primary health care units, especially via family physicians and local clinics, and service efficiency enhancement through the adoption of innovative technology to foster the growth of “smart hospitals” serving patients with more convenience, speed and streamlined services.

Dr. Sathit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health, commended everyone involved in developing the innovative technology, including the customer queuing system. Patients can now make appointments for medical consultation conveniently, by themselves. With the help of this practical mobile application, patients can avoid crowded waiting rooms and save the time they otherwise would have spent there. CBH PLUS boosts efficiency and supports the operations of hospital personnel, increasing quality of continuous service and benefiting medical treatment and referral services.

Dr. Suthep Petchmark, Inspector General,, Ministry of Public Health, said that there are presently 959 hospitals nationwide under the Public Health Ministry. The ministry has encouraged these hospitals to continuously improve their management in order to offer quality services to patients, as part of the effort to become a “smart hospital”. By incorporating technology in their management, hospitals can establish a standardized database system, increase their staff’s efficiency and elevate their services for the general public, who will receive convenient, speedy and safe services of a high standard.

The cooperation between Chonburi Hospital and KBank to develop CBH PLUS marks another milestone in the effort to realize the Smart Hospital project in order to facilitate patient services. In particular, CBH PLUS is the first hospital application that links with the system of the National Health Security Office (NHSO), allowing customers to check their eligibility for benefits under three healthcare schemes, namely, the Universal Coverage Health Card, the Social Security Scheme and the Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme.

The application shortens the process and saves the patients’ time in contacting the hospital to check their health benefits and make appointment for medical consultation. Plus, patients will receive updates about their appointments and personal health data via their mobile phone.

Assistant Professor Dr. Sawan Khwanjaipanich, Director of Chonburi Hospital, said that, since its inception in 1919, Chonburi Hospital has become the biggest medical center in the eastern region, with over 850 beds and more than 4,000 outpatients per day on average. To enhance the hospital’s services, Chonburi Hospital has increasingly applied technology to improve hospital management. Determined to become a full-fledged “smart hospital”, Chonburi Hospital has worked with KBank to develop CBH PLUS in order to improve patient services, with key functions as follows:


Check medical benefits under the three healthcare funds: This function of the application allows patients to check their medical benefits by themselves, thus helping reduce the time and effort spent in contacting the hospital to check such benefits. It is the first hospital application of its kind that can do this.

Personal health record (PHR): This function lets the patients access their personal health records by themselves anywhere, anytime. During the first phase, it will display doctor appointments, drug allergy history, drug prescription history and clinical laboratory results. These four types of data will be added to in the future, and this function should be fully developed in 2020.

Check-in and queuing: Patients can process check-in and queuing via the application by themselves. This function helps reduce the time needed to make arrangements before meeting the doctor. The hospital will use a single queue system throughout the service process, from the examination room, to the laboratory, pharmacy room, and payment counter.

Real-time queue update: This function allows patients to manage their time before meeting the doctor, and helps reduce crowding around the examination room. Doctor’s appointment alert: The system will alert patients before and on the appointment date.

Payment system: The application will send a payment collection order to the patient, which covers individual expenditures and the total amount to be paid. Patients can process the payment via the application with either credit card or debit card.

Health news: The patients can gain a variety of health information via this function.

Mr. Thawee Teerasoontornwong, KBank Executive Vice President, said that KBank has used our digital leadership to develop this application for various public service organizations, including universities and hospitals, aimed at enhancing their services and improving Thais’ quality of life while also promoting the digital economy. KBank has designed the CBH PLUS application to be user-friendly, so that the patients can manage by themselves all of the necessary steps to obtain medical services via mobile phone, as well as allowing them to meet their doctors faster than ever before.

To offer greater convenience and confidence to patients, KBank has developed a payment system on the application that can accommodate both credit and debit cards. At the same time, this online payment system can help the hospital process payment transactions instantly and accurately, thus helping enhance management efficiency. KBank has developed the QR e-Donation service to facilitate those wishing to make donations via mobile phone to Chonburi Hospital, as well.