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KBank upgrades AFTERKLASS project to serve as life skill

KASIKORNBANK (KBank) has enhanced the AFTERKLASS project to be a financial discipline and life skill platform for Thai youths. Members will gain knowledge related to their interests, and the advice of “superheroes” from various professions, together with participating in fun-filled activities including games featuring financial management techniques, point collection and scores of benefits offered, plus monthly workshops to boost learners’ skills.

At the end of this year, a special workshop will be held at which participants will create a business plan and pitch it to an experienced jury. Winners of the AFTERKLASS activities this year will have the chance to join a field trip to Shanghai and Hangzhou, two high-tech powerhouses of Asia.

Dr. Adit Laixuthai, KBank Senior Executive Vice President, said that KBank has conceived the AFTERKLASS program with the aim of promoting and developing Thai youths who are regarded as a major resource for the country’s sustainable development and growth. The program focuses on promoting financial discipline and management among the new generation of young people.

According to a study, Thailand’s household debts have risen steadily over the past 10 years, as seen from the household debt to GDP ratio standing at 78.6 percent in 2018 – one of the highest levels in the region. The Puey Ungphakorn Institute For Economic Research (PIER) observed that Thais have begun to go into debt earlier in their lives, and to remain in debt until they are much older.

At the same time, Thai children and youths have been found to spend more than 10 hours a day surfing the internet, especially for social media activities, data search and communications, according to a poll on internet users’ behaviors conducted by the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA). The findings indicate that online platforms have become a major channel for young people seeking both entertainment and knowledge, as well as building their skills of interest.

Entering its fifth year with a member base of more than 53,000, the AFTERKLASS project will be elevated to serve as a leading platform that emphasizes exclusive activities to teach our young members about financial management namely saving with the set target, spending, investment along with other areas of life skill development including education guidance and extra career development.

Focus will be on self-development among participants aged 15-20 who are energetic and creative. With the wealth of resources available, they will be able to find their own way for self-improvement based on their ability and passions, so that they will grow up with strong academic performance, financial literacy and necessary life skills.

The AFTERKLASS platform will feature knowledge-based articles divided into three topics of interest, i.e., Biz Master, designed for members who are interested in trade business, offering ideas about financial management, investment, and income-earning tips, all of which are suited to young people aspiring to start their own business; Smart Society, which provides academic achievement techniques for those aiming to excel in their academic performance; and Play Yard, featuring topics about interesting careers and lifestyle tips – all designed for active youths.

What’s more, participants will be mentored by “superheroes” from various professions who will share their valuable knowledge and experience in the form of articles and videos, as well as one-on-one advice sessions.

Gamification techniques are also provided at AFTERKLASS. Members joining activities on the platform will receive Koins, or virtual money, to redeem for various products and privileges, namely IT gadgets, gift cards, and books to enhance their knowledge in various fields, which will be sent to their homes nationwide.

They can also redeem Koins for the right to participate in our monthly workshops and numerous special activities. The latest AFTERKLASS has a loyalty program similar to that of credit cards. As participants accumulate points, their status will be upgraded so they can enjoy additional privileges, such as surprise birthday gifts, discounts at participating stores during their birth month, or co-working space service.

Free workshops are offered every month year-round, in the form of in-person activities organized by AFTERKLASS. Members can use Koins to join workshops on a wide range of topics, including finance, business, stock trading, fund subscription, and how to be a “Youtuber”, plus soft skills for everyday life, such as preparations for the TCAS exam, English for daily life, public speaking, and how to discover oneself.

They will also have a chance to meet their professional role models. Moreover, a three-day two-night intensive workshop on business planning will be organized towards year-end at the KBank Learning Center in Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao. Of the total applicants, 40 youths will be selected to join workshops conducted by financial management, business and SME experts.

Participants in these workshops will get to learn theories, make presentations and conduct pitch simulations for their instructors, who are representatives of companies in the venture capital field and KBank executives. The winning team will be fast-tracked to join a special trip to China. Runners-up will receive cash awards to help them start their dream businesses.

AFTERKLASS members who collect the largest amount of Koins and the winners from the intensive business-planning workshop will join a field trip to Shanghai-Hangzhou in China, an Asian center for technological development. The winners will observe the application of advanced technology in businesses and services such as restaurants, hotels and supermarkets, showcasing a state-of-the-art payment acceptance system without cashiers, and attend lectures given by Chinese business organizations which are competing to become high-tech leaders. The program will offer an exceptional experience beyond that which can be found in the classroom.

Dr. Adit said that KBank has carried out the AFTERKLASS project based on the sustainability concept to promote financial discipline and life skills for the new generation of young people to help them live a stable and balanced life in the future, contributing to strengthening the fundamentals of the country’s economic and social sustainability. Teens interested in joining the program, or interested parents, can enter their information and sign up for AFTERKLASS 2019 now, at