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Slingshot Group announced the 6 critical skills leaders

Slingshot Group Co., Ltd. a leading consulting firm offering total solutions for high-quality leadership and organizational development services, has announced the 6 critical skills that leaders in the new era need to succeed in the future world of work.

To provide an appropriate and efficient response to the job market and professionals’ needs, Slingshot Group has partnered with Globish Academia (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a rising EdTech startup that has seen success in the development of an online English learning platform in Thailand with over 15,000 users, to introduce Thailand’s first “OMG Coaching-on-Demand Platform.

Slingshot Group will enable leaders to keep up with the rapid pace of digital disruptions with a learning experience delivered through the new coaching program “Coaching in Transition”.

This Coaching-on-Demand Platform enables executives and professionals to learn from highly experienced coaches anywhere and at any time. It aims to be a practical coaching platform accessible to all at an affordable price.

Notably, it helps address pain points when individual leaders ask for recommendations and assists them make decisions and develop themselves in a limited timeframe.

The OMG Coaching-on-Demand Platform will match schedules between coaches and coachees allowing them to save travel time. In addition to hands-on experience and practical knowledge, this coaching platform is equipped with the powerful tools to meet learning trends in the digital age.

Dr. Sutisophan Chuaywongyart, Chief Executive Officer of Slingshot Group Co., Ltd., says its recent study clearly indicated the 6 skills new generation leaders will need to thrive in the future.

The survey confirmed that technological advancements cause widespread disruption to work in tomorrow’s world as well as to daily life. Leaders and employees must thus adapt to be in line with changing job characteristics and ways of working. The essential skills for the future comprise:

  • Creative Conception – skills to think outside the box to create diverse and innovative strategies
  • Logical investigation – ability to use logical thinking or reasoning skills for analysis and assessment
  • Wicked-Problem Self-Efficiency – skills to inspect and choose information from various sources to tackle complex problems
  • Connectedness – ability to relate and respond to others in a proper manner to build positive interactions and coexistence as needed
  • Virtual Collaboration – ability to coordinate and work effectively through various channels without barriers of area and time
  • Life-long Learning Experimentation – ability to develop ongoing self-learning voluntarily.

“As a professional in the leadership and organizational development, Slingshot Group came up with the idea of developing an effective tool to help leaders and employees easily enhance their working skills without limitations.

To achieve this, Slingshot Group has entered into partnership with Globish Academia (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the EdTech startup that has successfully developed an online English learning platform in Thailand with over 15,000 users, to launch Thailand’s first OMG Coaching-on-Demand Platform.

This will become an important tool for leaders in the new era and help their organizations deal with digital disruption,” Dr. Sutisophan explains.

In addition to jointly developing the tool that helps people improve the skills they will need in the future working-world, the platform also addresses the pain points of Thai leaders who have limited time for critical thinking and decisions in an age of digital disruption where speed is of the essence in developing a competitive advantage.

The OMG Coaching-on-Demand Platform is an effective tool as it enables coaches to choose a schedule to receive coaching from coaches certified by Slingshot anywhere and at any time.

Dr. Sutisophan adds that the target groups of OMG Coaching-on-Demand Platform are working people, businessmen and women and entrepreneurs who need coaching as well as middle to high-ranking executives.

The first program on the Slingshot platform is “Coaching in Transition” and the company plans to develop further coaching programs for business and personal development through life.

The business coaching services include executive coaching, career coaching, life coaching and areas such as parent coaching and athlete coaching. After the launch, the company expects to have at least 300 clients and that the new coaching platform will help increase the company’s revenue by 45 percent.

Mr. Takarn Ananthothai, Chief Executive Officer, Globish Academia (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the EdTech startup that developed an online English learning platform through live one-on-one classes with international coaches, explains the importance of blending technology with organizational learning, noting that learners need information quickly and which can be edited in line with individual needs.

It is therefore essential for organizations to adapt by developing tools that help human resources learn anywhere and at any time.

He says that the OMG Coaching-on-Demand Platform was created by leveraging user experiences on the Globish online English learning platform and blending this with the experience of Slingshot coaches to develop suitable features.

The platform includes one-on-one coaching through video calls enabling coaches and coaches to see each other, send files to each other or write together on an online whiteboard.

Monitoring and coaching evaluations collect all relevant information, allowing coaches, learners as well organizations to monitor information from the coaching session and use it for analysis and to draw conclusions on the coaching outcomes.

The partnership between Slingshot Group and Globish Academia (Thailand) is an exchange model based on the knowledge, experiences and expertise of the two companies.

Globish has used its success in developing an online English learning platform through private conversation classes to develop the OMG Coaching-on-Demand Platform while Slingshot Group, which has experience in leadership and organizational development, will help Globish develop and enhance its potential for growth in parallel with the overall business expansion of startups.

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