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Titan-VNS aim to create environmental sustainability

As we move into our new Head Office and Flagship Warehouse complex, management and staff from Titan-VNS Auto Logistics Co. Ltd. (“Titan-VNS”) have undertaken a comprehensive “gardening” day, planting hundreds of young trees and plants, further emphasising that environmental sustainability is at the core of our mission.

We firmly believe and understand that we must be responsible citizens, respecting and nurturing the environment around us for the absolute benefit of future generations.

The growing impact of climate change globally means there simply isn’t any time to sit back and everyone must play their part – so as a company we are totally committed to ensuring the maximum possible reduction of our environmental footprint.

At the same time, continuously improved efficiency is at the heart of the global supply chain going forward and in helping to drive that change by constantly looking to reduce our environmental impact we will also reap future benefits in term of our business efficiency.

Our new Head Office complex has incorporated leading edge “green” technologies in its design to ensure optimised efficiency with the benefit of extracting long-term cost savings. It’s also a “test bed” for our wider operational structures going forward – innovations incorporated here we are able to stress test before rolling out.

That strategy hasn’t just been limited to the construction process – we examined every aspect where our flagship site could position itself as an example of environmental responsibility.

Thus, we carefully planned to isolate five zones within the site to create “natural open spaces”, replicating the raw environment of the area, that will allow localised wildlife – such as insects, birds and small animals – to enjoy spaces where they would be undisturbed.

Developed to scale, we want to try to offset environmental changes as much as possible. The “garden” areas are also complimentary as they very visually reflect the overall reduced environmental impact of the new complex – and they’re a clear demonstration of our commitment to visitors.

We also believe that incorporating a “green” ambience will benefit our staff – ensuring the new complex is a pleasant environment to work within was another key priority of the planning stage, with the extra benefit of improving motivation and higher staff productivity.

It’s our mission to ensure Titan-VNS is a company where people really want to work, which helps us attract and retain the most talented staff – a crucial factor for our ambitions as we operate in a highly competitive business sector.

Environmental responsibility is fundamental to our way of thinking so it was only natural that we would plant the garden zones ourselves and our Head Office staff seized on the opportunity.

Corporate Social Responsibility programmes are close to the heart of everyone at Titan-VNS and the “planting day” brought staff together for an initiative that promoted teamwork and a togetherness that is also important as the new Head Office sees business units from different operational locations together for the first time.

More than one hundred staff and management joined the day-long activity, led out by Managing Director, Mr. Peera Thaweechart, to plant hundreds of trees, shrubs and plants from more than a dozen species across the five designated zones.

Plant species included Goldenrod, Red Sealing Wax Palm (‘Lipstick Palm’), Purple Sage (‘Ash Plant’), Wrightia Religiosa (‘Water Jasmine’), Gardenia Jasminoides and Fountain Grass.

Headlining the day, we also planted two Jambolan Plum trees, traditional symbols of the success, as we strive to achieve success in the coming years from the new site.

Mr. Peera Thaweechart (Managing Director, Titan-VNS): “It’s very clear that every stakeholder in our planet – individuals, companies, nations – must urgently respond to the challenge of global warming and play their part in mitigating it’s effects.

It’s not just about legislation at intergovernmental level, but all companies must also drive the change and we certainly want to be good and responsible members of the community.

We want to lead the supply chain sector in every area and that means we want our new Head Office to be an example, to introduce new technologies and roll out new ideas that will filter through to our wider operational footprint.

I think it’s a win-win situation for us to actively work to reduce our environmental impact in every area, the more efficient we become the better the service we offer and care for the environment is a challenge we are glad to grab with both hands, not just to help the planet but I believe that it will reward us great in the future.

I’m delighted too with the enthusiasm of staff to give up their time and be involved and I think that social responsibility permeates through every level of the Company.”

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