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Kaidee Launches BaanKaidee to help people buy/sell

Kaidee, Thailand’s largest online marketplace, launches BaanKaidee ( ) to help people buy, sell and rent real estate including houses, condos, lands, offices, commercial properties, resorts and hotels.

The channel is equipped with new features for better navigation to quickly and easily connect buyers and sellers. BaanKaidee aims to be the leading real estate marketplace in the country.

Mr. Tiwa York, Chief Executive Officer/ Head Coach at Kaidee, says, “In 2017, property ownership transfers in Thailand totaled 524,000 units. This was split into 52% residential units and 48% other property types.

The total value of transfers was nearly 1.2 trillion baht. The majority of trade is still happening through traditional channels. We expect this to change rapidly in the coming years.”

Property has been the third most popular category on Kaidee since 2016. In the first half of 2018, over 10 million Thais visited BaanKaidee with over 150 million pages viewed. During this period, 4,307 properties were sold with a total value of more than 8.6 billion baht.

The variety of properties successfully sold include a school valued at 50 million baht in Chiang Mai province and a parcel of land in Ubon Ratchathani province worth 28 million baht.

Mr. York added, “we’ve seen a shift in behavior over the past two years from people only looking for condos and houses to searching for all kinds of property online.”

The move of this real estate. To make the user more convenient. The seller can access it easily. By the stage of posting from the original, to put a variety of messages. There will be fewer steps. Only a few can post home sales after the examination.

While in the process of confirming the information. We have a continuous investment of Ai million baht per year. To develop a quality inspection system. It’s not just a home session. It also includes posting posts on all products. And monitor the whole web of Kaidee.

The amount of posting is tens of thousands per day. Getting Ai to help in the preliminary investigation. If you do not break any rules. We can post it within 5 minutes, but if there is a violation. It will be forwarded to the team to consider and correct it.

In the past. We have Real Estate Over 2.5 million visitors a month. And when we open the sub domain. We will have more channels. And can increase the number of visitors more than 5 million times a month. With an easier to use format.

BaanKaidee is the second domain after Kaidee launched RodKaidee in the past successfully. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make it easy for sellers to use. But still consistent with the rules of trading. It is strictly regulated by the Thai law.

BaanKaidee Info Graphic

“With our fast, simple platform and millions of customers, BaanKaidee ( ) is having an impact on people’s lives. Sometimes properties sell in under a day. Recently, a parcel of land was sold for 750,000 baht in 15 hours.

Also, a university student told us he funded his studies with the money he made selling a property on our platform. For us, these types of stories are what make it all worthwhile”, Mr. York concluded.

For any customer feedback, please contact Kaidee Customer Service at 02-119-5000 or [email protected].

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