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Mazda achieves record-breaking sales performance, promoted Thai to drive business

Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has announced business results for the 2017 fiscal year, including highest record sales of 56,000 units, reflecting a growth of 31 percent.

The Mazda2 subcompact produced a strong performance to capture young customers and become the market leader, while the new CX-5’s performance was equally impressive, with sales of 3,929 within 5 months of launch.

Mazda is planning to expand business with the “MAZDA WAY” philosophy, and is promoting Thai executives to lead all departments in order to strengthen the organization through the “One Mazda Team” strategy.

Mr. Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd., commented that during fiscal year 2017, the Thai automobile market had just started to recover and the positive scenario became clear during the second half of the year.

“But if we consider sales in fiscal year 2017 starting from April 2017 to March 2018, Mazda has moved ahead as planned, and we were able to achieve sales of 56,379 units, the highest in 5 years, with growth of 31 percent.

Meanwhile, Mazda’s market share has risen to 6.3 percent (estimated by Mazda), the highest since the company started doing business in Thailand.

This is also Mazda’s second-highest market share in the world, and Thailand is also Mazda’s fastest-growing market worldwide,” he said. Thailand is currently Mazda’s seventh-largest market globally after China, the US, Japan, Australia, Canada, and Germany, Mr. Chanchai added.

During fiscal year 2017, sales of the Mazda2 sub-compact in Thailand reached 35,440 units, equal to a growth of 47 percent, All-new Mazda CX-5 6,411 units,   89 percent growth and Mazda BT-50 PRO pickup sales were 5,798 units, down 21 percent.

Sales of Mazda3 compact, meanwhile, grew by 16 percent to 4,945 units while sales of CX-3 freestyle crossover reached 3,755 units, down by 10 percent. Last but not least, sales of MX-5, which holds the record for the fastest opening and closing roof, reached 30 units.

Mazda Sales in FY 2017 vs 2016
Model April 2017 – March 2018 April 2016 – March 2017 %Change
Mazda2 35,440 24,043 + 47
Mazda3 4,945 4,252 + 16
Mazda CX-3 3,755 4,171 – 10
Mazda CX-5 6,411 3,396 + 89
Mazda BT-50 PRO 5,798 7,310 – 21
Mazda MX-5 30 23 + 30
Total 56,379 43,195 + 31

Meanwhile, sales of Mazda vehicles during the first quarter of 2018 (January to March) were 16,586 units, growing by 43 percent. The sales breakdown are as follows – Mazda2 10,313 units (55 percent growth),

Mazda CX-5 2,371 units (198 percent growth), Mazda3 1,290 units (3 percent decrease), Mazda CX-3 958 units (6 percent decrease), Mazda BT-50 PRO 1,650 units (8 percent decrease) and Mazda MX-5 4 units.

Mazda Q1 sales 2018 vs 2017
Model Jan – Mar 2018 Jan – Mar 2017 %Change
Mazda2 10,313 6,633 + 55
Mazda3 1,290 1,324 – 3
Mazda CX-3 958 1,015 – 6
Mazda CX-5 2,371 795 + 198
Mazda BT-50 PRO 1,650 1,791 – 8
Mazda MX-5 4 4 n/a
Total 16,586 11,562 + 43

“Mazda believes that total automobile sales in Thailand will exceed 900,000 units this year due to the high purchasing power particularly for passenger cars and SUVs,” Mr. Chanchai said.

“Mazda has proven this by becoming the top subcompact model during the first quarter, and we believe that the SUV segment will also stand out this year.”

It is undeniable that today Mazda is one of the hottest brands in the Thai market thanks to fast-growing sales resulting from the introduction of the large collection of new models with SKYACTIV technology and KODO design, as well the latest technology upgrades on a continuous basis.

Mazda is also embarking on a major restructuring such as improving backroom operations, concentrating on service quality, setting the right pricing for spare parts, improving the appearance of the showroom, as well as adding paint and body repair shops.

This has helped to significantly build up customer experience in the Mazda brand. And although Mazda products marketed with the SKYACTIV technology had gone through only minor changes and technology upgrades, they were able to maintain high popularity in the market.

“The Mazda2 in particular, created a big surprise by taking the leading position in the sub-compact car market. This adds confidence to Mazda’s plan to sell 60,000 vehicles during this fiscal year,” Mr. Chanchai said.

Mazda had surprised the industry with the appointment of Mr. Chanchai as the president of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in August 2016, and in order to ensure that Mazda’s business progresses with strength and stability, a new management restructuring is taking place.

Thai executives at Mazda are being promoted to lead virtually all departments ranging from corporate planning, corporate operation; accounting and finance, sales, marketing, after sales, parts and logistics. The 8 Thai nationals have been with Mazda for many years and each carries the “One Mazda” working philosophy.

After being appointed as company president, Mr. Chanchai had helped promote Thai executives to top positions in order to increase efficiency. While Mr. Atsushi Yasumoto remains Executive Vice President, Mr. Hironori Tanaka, Vice President for Corporate Planning,

And Mr. Hiroshi Kugo, Vice President for Customer Service, parts supply and logistics are back to Mazda Motor Corporation for new appointments.

New Management of Mazda Sales Thailand
  1. Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk, President
  2. Atsushi Yasumoto, Executive Vice President
  3. Pascal Sreshthaputra, Vice President – Dealer Business Development and Customer Satisfaction Management (dealer business development, strengthening customer satisfaction and relationship)
  4. Thee Permpongpanth, Vice President – Marketing & Government Affairs (marketing strategy, marketing communication, digital communication, product planning, product marketing strategy, communication strategy, public relations, marketing activity, corporate social responsibility, government support)
  5. Panat Boonkham, Vice President – Customer Service
  6. Sommai Sae Ung, Vice President of National Sales
  7. Suwanee Chutiratanaroaj, Vice President of Corporate Operation
  8. Cheerapa Sepswasdi, Senior Director, Parts Supply and Logistics (vehicle and parts logistic for Thailand and ASEAN)
  9. Kenji Sato, Senior Director of Sales Planning

The change comes with the Mazda Way, which is a common philosophy principle for good work which all employees in Mazda group must have.

  1. INTEGRITY: We keep acting with integrity toward our customers, society and our own work.
  2. BASICS/ FLAWLESS EXECUTION: We devote ourselves to the basics, and make steady efforts in a step by step fashion.
  3. CONTINUOUS KAIZEN: We continue to improve with wisdom and ingenuity.
  4. CHALLENGER SPIRIT: We set a high goal, and keep challenging to achieve it.
  5. SELF INITIATIVE: We think and act with “Self-Initiative”
  6. TOMOIKU: We learn and teach each other for our mutual growth and success
  7. ONE MAZDA: We think and act with the view of “One Mazda”

In addition, Mazda’s after-sales concept is designed to serve the customer throughout the ownership of Mazda vehicles under the “Feel the Passion” 6 principles of customer care as follows.

  1. Devotion
  2. Competency
  3. Empowerment
  4. Effectiveness
  5. Efficiency
  6. Fairness