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Sansiri releases all-in-one-app for Home Service 2018

Sansiri launched Home Service Application 2018, an upgraded version of mobile application for its residents developed by Siri Ventures.
With ambition to be all-in-one app that can be easily used as a remote control to complete user’s everyday living experience,
Home Service 2018 runs on world’s leading cloud computing platform offered by Amazon AWS,
Microsoft and Google, with news features like industry’s first full-scale Thai-language voice command capability and integrated e-wallet service developed in partnership with leading partners to be ready for use in the third quarter of 2018.
Users will enjoy enhanced online shopping experience with special offer from SB Furniture for furniture and home decoration items,
Samsung for electrical appliances, SCG for construction and home finishing materials, Sprinkle for drinking water and Trendy Wash for self-service laundry with automatic notification.
Home Service 2018 reinforces Sansiri’s leadership as both world-class real estate developer and early adopter of technology that captures all aspect of people’s lifestyle.
Dr. Tawicha Trakulyingyong, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Sansiri Public Company Limited, said that “Sansiri is the first real estate developer in Thailand to develop all-inclusive one stop mobile application that allows residents to manage everything about their property.
The upgrade of Home Service app to version 2018 reflects our commitment to incessant development and customer-centric strategy in delivering new living experience to our customers from the moment they decide to buy our property – from even before they make the transfer to the time they move in – all under one convenient app.
Since its first launch in 2012, the app has been well-received with number of users growing from hundreds to ten thousands in only three years. Currently, there are over 15,000 users from Sansiri’s 154 projects, 52,000 units nationwide.
To bring even more satisfaction to app users as well as attract new users, with aim to reach 50,000 users by end of 2018, we decided to upgrade Home Service,
making it smarter, to become ‘Living Experience Toolkit’ that Sansiri’s residents can be easily used like a remote control to complete their everyday living experience’, as well as capture consumer’s new lifestyle needs and rapidly growing e-commerce.”
Users can access Home Service mobile application on iOS device and Android device. In the near future, Sansiri plans to develop Home Service Platform of which users can easily access through Smart Speaker, Smart Display and Wear OS.
The app is available in five languages – Thai, English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. Users enjoys convenient features including following up project progress, checking transfer document,
automatic alert on incoming mail and package, automatic alert on payment of monthly maintenance fee, water and electricity bill, 24-hour request for repair service, facility booking, message box with status follow-up, request for QR code for access to Sansiri Lounge.
Mr. Jirapat Janjerdsak, Chief Technology Officer, SIRI VENTURE, revealed that “the upgrade of Home Service app is based on four value pillars:
Convenience – making the app easier to use for users of all generation with more friendly User Experience;
Cover – expanding the capacity of the app to cover all aspect of home living from shopping, home decoration, house work, etc;
Customize – screen display can be tailored to be relevant to individual user;
and Privilege – special offers exclusively available for Sansiri residents.”
Home Service 2018 runs on Amazon Web Services’ cloud platform monitored by Microsoft’s Azure App Insights which immediately notifies the developer team once irregularity happens.
Google Firebase supports notification messages like new message, announcement, alerts, and chat service with juristic person.
The app is developed using Golang coding which make it more stable, operate faster and able to process a massive amount of data.
Hybrid Microservices is deployed in the system architecture allowing the developer team to add and update functions at any time without need to shut down the core system so the app simply runs smoothly at user’s side.
Highlights of Home Service 2018, all marking first-of-its-kind in real estate industry, are as follows:
Full-scale Thai-language voice command – making it easier and more convenient for Thai users to reach their personal assistant from anywhere for checking payment, booking facility, or sending home automation commands.
E-Wallet – making all payment related to home living easier and more convenient in one app. Use smartphone to pay water and electricity bills, monthly maintenance fee, monthly installment payment.
Payment gateway is also under construction in partnership with leading partners for online shopping of products and services, to be ready for use in the third quarter of 2018
Privileges and special offers – to complete resident’s living experience with exclusive offer from leading partnering brands:
Upgraded home decoration function co-developed with SB Furniture allowing users to search home furnishing, by separate item or fully-assembled set designed by famous designers in different styles to suit different projects,
with special offers available exclusively on Home Service app. The function is launched at mori HAUS and will be soon launched at THE LINE projects.
Addition of Samsung icon on Home Service app with link to Samsung online shopping microsite with selection of 150 electrical appliance items at special price as well as quarterly promotion offered exclusively for Sansiri residents
Addition of SCG online shopping function on Home Service app. Users can shop construction and finishing materials from SCG at special price with delivery and installation option
For projects located in Bangkok, Sprinkle drinking water is available for online order on Home Service app at special price, with free delivery for minimum order of only 2 packs (from normally 10 packs) and special welcome pack for residents who transfer ownership by end of 2018
Connecting to Trendy Wash, self-service laundry monitoring system that allows users to check the availability of washing machine, pay digitally, and receive notification once the washing is finished.
The service is available at 10 projects in D CONDO and THE LINE brands and receives excellent response.
Other new functions are also added to match the different settings of each project such as special offers from Sansiri Family,
Home Automation remote control, automatic parking lift queuing, Smart Locker control, Smart Move booking, list of useful telephone numbers and 24-hour chat room with juristic person with chatbot to answer customer questions outside regular business hours.
“In February, we released Home Service 2018 for trial in some features, with over 10,000 users downloading and providing feedbacks for improvement.
We will continue to develop new features in the future as well as seek new partners to bring special offers to our residents.
Some new features to be added in the near future include connection with property access control like video door phone, useful lifestyle contents, indoor navigation system using iBeacon technology, online booking of new property projects,
home upgrade program, repair request and appointment and activity booking in e-appointment and My Calendar function, rental management that allows users to contact tenant, determine rental fee, and request for rental payment on e-wallet.
The app will also connect to fin tech to offer financial services like application for home loans, refinancing, home insurance, etc. Moreover, Home Service will be developed as an open platform to be plugged into the system of other real estate developers,” added Mr. Jirapat.
Sansiri residents who download and activate Home Service Application 2018 from today until 30 April 2018 will be entitled for a chance to win Samsung Galaxy Note 8, with totally 9 units to be given away 3 units per month. For more information,