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MOST announces to be ‘Makers Nation’ start with ‘NetPie’ to commercial

Ministy of Science and Tecnology go ahead to ‘Makers Nation’ Start with launches ‘NETPIE’ Platform to Connect All Things or Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Research and Development by NECTEC – Over two years to commercial service

Dr. Suwit Maysin, Minister of Science and Technology, said, “The world is currently in the process of producing. Racing with innovation Thailand is transforming itself into an economy-driven innovation or innovation-driven economy to bring about a balance between human and technological.

Use technology wisely. Thailand has accelerated the introduction of science. Technology and innovation go hand in hand. Thailand can be driven forward effectively.

Acceptance with Thailand 4.0 policy towards sustainable, prosperous and sustainable development, and Thailand to step into that. Human resources as developers or as we call it Maker must be increased and the IoT platform needs to provide quality and efficient services as well.

Today, the Ministry of Science and Technology by NECTEC – NSTDA has licensed intellectual property rights (IOT NETPIE) to Next Piece Co., Ltd., the company’s team. One of the research team of NECTEC – NSTDA has researched to develop IoT NETPIE platform and resigned to joint venture with private company to set up Startup company to bring NETPIE technology to further develop and provide services in the field. commerce

The IoT platform will provide confidence in the professional services. And having a business model ensures that it can sustainably serve. And in terms of serving the NETPIE platform for public benefit. For students, developers, inventors and small entrepreneurs, NECTEC – NSTDA is still open for free.

And now the Ministry of Science. Requested a budget to start the Coding at School program, which will provide a KidBright set of circuit boards for programming to control IoT devices using mobile phones, smartphones or web browsers for secondary schools nationwide.

1,000 schools with science congregations. To create a new generation of Movement Maker. To further educate youth in science and technology education in the future.

The project will start delivering KidBright boards to schools by the year 2018. The Ministry of Science and Technology is confident that it will drive the development of the IoT industry in Thailand. “

Mr. Wallachai Vejjima Dumrong NEXPIE’s Managing Director, NEX PIE, said: “Next Pie Co., Ltd. was incorporated in November 2016 with a registered capital of 1 million baht, a joint venture between a separate research team from Nectec. – NTC with Mandala Communications Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Internet Thailand Public Company Limited or INET listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Makers Nation

Expertise in providing ICT Infrastructure, Internet Information Services Next Pie is licensed to use NETPIE platform technology to develop and commercialize services. In the first year, Next Pie will accelerate the creation and development of the IoT platform from the original NETPIE technology.

To provide services to business customers. The collaboration between NSTDA and Next Piece will help Thai technology and innovation move forward. The education sector, agriculture and business sectors will be closer to the IoT technology of the Thai people. Encourage the economy to be driven by technology and innovation in accordance with the Thailand 4.0 policy.

NECTEC – NSTDA has transferred technology to Startup to develop and commercial services. IoT industry both domestically and internationally. To enable Thai entrepreneurs to create their own IoT products and services, we have responded to Thailand 4.0 policy for sustainable development.

By 2018, high school students nationwide will have access to IoT equipment called KidBright, providing equipment to over 1,000 schools nationwide. To create a new generation of Movement Maker. To further educate youth in science and technology education in the future. Trust the Ministry of Science and Technology to push for the development of the IoT industry in Thailand.