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NBTC has announced the number of Thai cyber crimes has reached 3,006

NBTC discloses the risk of cyber crimes in Thailand over 3,006 times. Won aware of the risks always online. Organize international Conference “NBTC International Conference on Policy for Cyber Sustainability – A Global View” to Discuss Cyber ​​Security Issues It is easier for the public and private sectors to be espionage.

Mr.Takorn Tantasith Secretary General National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, said at “NBTC International Conference on Policy for Cyber Sustainability – A Global View”, the security of cyberspace is one of the most important topics in the sector. Which the government and agencies around the world pay attention.

The NBTC is an independent organization that seeks to encourage people in the society to be cautious about cyber threats. Today is a major issue in digital society.

By Thailand Computer Emergency Response Team a member of ETDA or ThaiCert , under the supervision of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society reported the number of cyber risk in Thailand From Jan – Nov 2017 The total number is 3,006.

The top 5 types of risk are: 1. Attempting to penetrate 29%, 2.Fraud 25%, 3.Interference19%, 18% , 4.Computer service attacks and 5.Malicious code attacks 8%, with cyber risks occurring every minute. So always be aware of the risks on the internet.

Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission.(NBTC), with the International Telecommunications Society (ITS) is a not-for-profit international organization in the United States. Organise an event the international Conference “NBTC International Conference on Policy for Cyber Sustainability – A Global View”

The conference is focus on cyber security topics. That’s a major issue all over the world. Also it was found Situation of violation of data security system of government agencies. And more private. Official website has been espionage information. Change key information Copy a copy And to smuggle official data.

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This conference was held to be a technical exchange forum on telecommunications. It is an international conference on important topics related to telecommunications. It contains content related to the protection against cyber attacks. Through the case study of the global occurred. And study the patterns of attacks.

Such as Cyber ​​Security introduces, Cyber security with a global perspective and challenges. Example of cyber security surveillance in the past.

There are officials from public and private organizations. Including international organizations and representatives from foreign countries. Attended more than 100 people.