Bibox reveal 3 Topics for opportunities in Digital Assets

Bibox, the world top 10 digital asset trading platform, held its “2019 Digital Assets New Opportunity Summit” in Singapore.

The summit covers three main topics: STO, Token Bonds and the impact of secondary market participants on crypto world.

The summit was kicked off by Bibox head of Southeastern Asia Liu Guojie’s speech. He indicated that it would not be hard to find new opportunity given the innovative and constantly developing nature of this industry. Bibox is willing to be the first mover in expanding the market and innovating.

Bibox will launch perpetual contracts and fully utilize its technological advantages to cope with extreme market circumstances keeping its trading latency at the minimum level and strive to offer the smoothest trading experience to all users.

Bibox, at the end of this year, will launch its Fiat Exchange in Seoul and plan to establish a Fiat Exchange in Europe at the beginning of next year, which supports fiat to cryptocurrency trading pairs (Swiss franc, English pound, Euro and more). In addition, Bibox Limited launched the world first Token Bond – Bibox Bond, which was sold out within 12 hours.

Jerry, the founder of Vocean, the platform that launched Bibox Bond, deems cryptocurrency as the next Holy Grail in the traditional bond market that is considered as a near one hundred trillion dollars market.

Vocean, through building a complete cryptocurrency financial contract infrastructure, allows users to issue all types of financial contracts including bonds, options, swaps and other financial products and derivatives with ease and low cost.

Three panel discussions were held following the speech. The STO panel concludes that. Going legitimate is only a matter of time. It is fair to say legitimacy is the next industry trend.

Panelists in secondary market believe derivative markets are definitely way bigger than spot market, either for traditional or crypto industry. They gave positive answers to questions posed about traditional institutions entering into the crypto world.

The last panel is about crypto bonds. Panelists think that token bonds provide investors with a new type of tradable market and token bond offers a new risk-hedging instrument.

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