ABeam revealed Cloud to grow tremendously

ABeam Consulting (Thailand) revealed the increasing number of cloud platform usage in Thailand. This reflected the business transformation which aligned with the global trend.

Forrester Research anticipated that within 2018, Cloud business would worth almost 178 billion US dollars. The company insisted that Cloud was essential for digital transformation and business competitive advantage.

Mr. Ichiro Hara, Managing Director of ABeam Consulting (Thailand) Ltd., a subsidiary of ABeam Consulting Ltd. which is one of the global consulting company in Japan, revealed that the Cloud platform is one of the widely popular mega trends and both consumer and enterprise have used worldwide.

“Forrester Research –world’s leading research firm—summarizes that this year’s total public Cloud market will worth almost 178 billion USD, 22% up from 146 billion USD in 2017 and also forecasts that 50% of global enterprises will rely on at least one Cloud platform to drive digital transformation and delight consumer needs.

The number aligns with ABeam Cloud growth in Thailand, where significant Cloud demand rises from client’s requirement.

This includes, for example, Cloud Data Center, SAP integrated ERP on Cloud, Cloud-Based Human Capital Management, Blockchain Network Project on Cloud platform and Cloud Network Architecture”, Mr. Hara said.

Mr. Hara added that cloud is an essential key in business digital transformation which helps ERP system or other management systems to function faster and more efficient.

It is also a flexible technology that can expand its usage as needed. Every business, whatever size, can utilize Cloud to enhance business competitiveness.

“The competition in the business world is all about agility in responding to changes. In response to that, ABeam Cloud provides clients with various templates like templates for Automotive industry, High-tech industry, Food industry, Real Estate, or even hire-purchase, etc., resulting in prompt Cloud implementation.

ABeam Cloud is also comprised of applications for clients to utilize as necessary, which is the key strength of ABeam Cloud” Mr. Hara explained.

ABeam Consulting’s works and achievements in assisting business transformation can also be found in various countries around the world.

For instance, ABeam Consulting has supported automotive businesses in USA, Japan and Mexico, transforming working process and communication between sales and production departments to work together seamlessly.

In Thailand, ABeam Cloud participated in planning a new factory construction of a leading chemistry company headquartered in Japan, to support their growth in ASEAN.

Mr. Hara advised enterprises on Cloud computing to choose the Cloud service consultant who is well verse, knowledgeable and has experiences in providing Cloud service for the same or similar businesses.

The provider should have templates for different industries to increase the implementation’s agility, templates which are ready to be used, various applications available for customers to choose, and an ERP or other management systems on Cloud.

The most important thing is the service consultant should be Cloud One-stop service provider and always updates new technologies.

ABeam Cloud is considered SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), consisting of business applications, cloud service that covers service application, infrastructure service, security & monitoring and global network. Moreover, after-sales maintenance service is also included within the package.

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