Panasonic unveil Messi J. Wake up the alkaline battery maket

Panasonic has targeted to capture a strong share on a sustainable basis by investing 100 million baht to support Panasonic Alkaline which is highlighted with its key capability to provide 10 times longer lasting power performance.

Meanwhile, the company introduces“Jay” – Chanathip Songkrasin as its first presenter for the alkaline product to convince consumers to switch from manganese batteries to alkaline batteries.

It’s also revealed that its parent company has positioned Thailand as one among its three key strategic markets, thanks to the strong local purchasing power, established distribution channels, and domestic production. Panasonic aims to double sale growth by the year 2022.

Mr. Hidekazu Ito, Managing Director of Panasonic Siew Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said Panasonic battery is a priority product of the company because it’s the one of pioneer product that the company has distributed from first generation and has been developed continuously and distributed worldwide.

“For the Thai market, Panasonic battery has been trusted in performance and maintained its market leadership continuously. With more than 30 years in the Thai market, Panasonic has developed the quality to meet the needs of the market and always kept up with the application that comes with new technology.

In the past year, the demand for alkaline batteries has increased significantly because consumers are using new electronic devices requiring more power consumption than the application of conventional or manganese batteries.

Panasonic is proud to present Panasonic Alkaline products with “10 Times Longer Lasting” concept.The campaign to promote marketing and awareness of all target groups has been prepared by appointing Mr.“Jay” – Chanathip Songkasin as the presenter.

He has the right qualities of a new generation: strong, passionate, powerful and energetic, perfectly reflecting the image of Panasonic Alkaline. In addition, he conveys the link between being Thai and Japanese as he is a member of a professional football league in Japan.”


Mr. Witoon Laoveerakul Director of Battery Marketing, Panasonic Siew Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said the battery market in Thailand is valued at more 4,000 million Baht. Panasonic holds the largest market share of 83%. In the alkaline battery segment, the company also leads the market with a market share of 72%.

The company has also seen the growth prospect of the product. Following a research, it’s found that consumers are more likely to change their purchasing habits if they find that they have better quality or last longer performance.

Panasonic has thus set a strategy to increase the sales of the alkaline battery by communicating to consumers about its 10 times longer performance (compared to manganese batteries) and Panasonic battery works well with any device, especially ideal for new electronic devices that need more energy such as digital cameras, toys, wireless mouse, and personal grooming.

Panasonic has set a marketing budget of 100 million baht to build on the performance awareness. It also reinforces the image as the market leader in the battery charger market in Thailand.

Mr.“Jay” – Chanathip Songkasin has become its first presenter of Panasonic alkaline battery to communicate with all consumers to communicate with every group of consumers throughout the country via TV spots, radio spots, billboards, out of home media, roadshows, POP, and online channels such as Facebook and YouTube.

Also, Panasonic has strong distribution channels, comprising of 60% of dealers and 40% of department stores. Its strength also lies in the local alkaline battery base in Thailand, where consumers are confident that they will always be using new batteries, making Thailand one of the top three strategic countries that the parent company in Japan has targeted to increase its market share in addition to the efforts in India and Brazil.

From a performance testing on the difference between Panasonic alkaline batteries and Panasonic manganese batteries, Panasonic alkaline power lasts 10 times longer than Panasonic manganese tested on personal grooming mode (750 mA 2mph/8hpd (1.1V) based on ANSI.As result, Alkaline batteries can last up to 11.6 times or 45.99 minutes, but the battery life of the manganese is only 3.98 minutes.

The new generation of Panasonic Alkaline offers a new packaging design with a Thai description for easier understanding. Panasonic expects the marketing campaign will help shift the market demand from regular batteries to alkaline batteries and increase its market share for sustainable growth to double sales in 5 years or by the year 2022.

For those interested in Panasonic Alkaline, visit Panasonic representatives and leading department stores, or contact Panasonic Call Center: 02-729-9000 or