ข่าวไอที เทคโนโลยี

The Alley celebrates one-year anniversary in Thailand


The Alley disclosed that the bubble tea market in Southeast Asia has a continuous growth with sales growth of 3,000% last year. Thai are the highest rate of bubble tea consumers in the region with average 6 glasses per month, followed by the Filipino of 5 glasses per month. The company celebrates its first-year success in Thailand with 100,000 glasses per month and it will expand at least 20 branches by 2020 in Bangkok and upcountry which high purchasing power are Udon Thani, Chonburi, Rayong, and Phuket.

New product lines of dessert, bakery, ice-cream will be introduced with leading business partners for new beverage menu and hot beverages, and diversify to catering services. Cementing its brand of leading premium bubble tea with organic ingredient and mixture for healthy consumers and its vision of “The Alley Go Green” for world saving and sustainability.

Mr. Anol Thanesvorakul, Co-Founder of Millary Co., Ltd., master franchisee of Taiwanese based The Alley in Thailand disclose data from Grab Food that in 2018, the bubble milk tea market in Southeast Asia of over 1,500 brands increased 3,000% which those have outlets altogether more than 4,000 branches. Thai consumers are the highest bubble tea in the region with average 6 glasses per month, followed by Filipino 5 glasses per month, and Malaysian, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia with average 3 glasses per month. These data signify the bubble tea market is growing constantly including in Thailand.

Having launch in Thailand for a year, The Alley has been very well successful with sales over 100,000 glasses per month. The Alley tries to combine living and design into consumer’s lifestyle. Besides the heartwarming living design of decoration in many branches, the company has differentiated its stores into other formats such as The Alley Express focusing on home/workplace delivery and faster services for city customers who like to grab and go.

The Alley Café, on the other hands, offering more varieties and menu selections. The café decoration offers space and atmosphere for customers to sit in and feel more comfortable. The concept of both of The Alley Express and The Alley Café will be expanded for more branches and may lead to other new store formats in the future.

According to the company’s data, Milk Tea and Brown Sugar contributed 80% of its total sales. Major customers are female at 79% and male at 21%. Both male and female who consume bubble tea are at 24-35 years old which is more than 50%, those at 35-44 years old are more than 25%.

The popular Top 5 Drinks are 1. Brown Sugar Deerioca & Fresh Milk 2. Royal No.9 Milk Tea 3. Brown Sugar Deerioca & Puff 4. Tropical Passion Fruit Green Tea / Orange Lulu and 5. Trio Assam Milk Tea. For topping, the number one is Bubble Pearl 79%, followed by Aloe Vera 10%. Coconut 6%, and Jelly 4%. It also found that consumers prefer the less sweet drink as they ordered the decreased syrup for over 65%, the orders with Less Sugar 33%, Half Sugar 26% and No Sugar 6%. Only 35% of customers still order the Regular Sugar. The overall data reflects that Thai become more health conscious.

Miss Unaware Tangkaravakoon, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Millary Co., Ltd., added that from the success in the past one year, the company plans to strategically move its business in Thailand into 5 areas:

  1. Expansion of The Alley in Thailand over 20 branches in 2020 in Bangkok, and upcountry by focusing on high purchasing power provinces such as Udon Thani, Chonburi, Rayong, and Phuket. Today, The Alley has 12 branches including Siam Square, Central World, Siam Centre, Seacon Square, Headquarter at Bangchak, Central Bangna, Central Ladplao, Future Park Rangsit, Silom Complex, Gump Ari, Mega Bangna, and Nimmanhaemin Chiang Mai. In November, it will open 2 branches at Icon Siam and followed by The Mall Ngamvongwan in December.

  2. Launch new product lines to serve variety of consumer’s lifestyle such as
    • Soft Serve Ice Cream is using the signature Royal No. 9 Milk Tea to create a new unique flavor serving with special home-made Jelly.
    • Bakery Menu are ranging from Sausage Puff to Matcha Croissants to Bacon&Egg Panini and more, serving with hot beverages at The Alley Café.
    • New hot beverage menu is launching with more than 20 hot drinks selections such as our No. 1 signature Brown Sugar Fresh Milk as well as original hot brewed tea and premium hot milk tea.
    • Special collaboration with various brands and partners to establish seasonal hype menu responding to consumers’ lifestyle. For example, The Alley partnered with D-NA Soy Milk by bridging the strength from each brand to create a healthy Brown Sugar Soy Milk during Jay Festival 2019.

  3. Expanding the business into “The Alley x Catering” to serve outside events such as seminars, wedding, and parties, where we will replicate concept, design, and service from The Alley.

  4. Our number one priority is consumer’s health and safety. That is why we are using only natural organic ingredients for our beverages. For example, our syrup is freshly prepared every morning by using organic natural brown sugar cane free from chemicals and without any added color nor flavor. Our tea leaves are organic with special hand-picking process, infusion and aging of the tea leaves to ensure the finest flavors.

  5. “The Alley Go Green” with strong vision that we can help the world environmentally and sustainability. We focus on this mission distinctively into two parts internally within the company and externally with our conscious consumers. The Alley is strived to continue using finest organic ingredients, manage food waste, and develop new environmental friendly products such as reusable tumblers, recycle bags, reusable straws, etc.

With our consumers, The Alley is launching a campaign to reduce the use of plastic, arranging on-going promotions to customers who bring their own reusable cups and straws as well as paper bags and cloth bags. The company is really hoping that “The Alley Go Green” campaign will help reduce pollution, waste, and ultimately save the Earth.

The Alley opened its first branch in Taiwan in 2014, a year later it expanded to 10 branches in Taiwan. In 2016, the company expanded to Canada and Macau, and in 2017 it expanded to Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Vietnam. In 2018, it opened the market in France, Australia, South Korea and Thailand. Currently, The Alley branches cover 10 countries globally of 315 branches altogether with exceptional premium bubble tea brand that focus on consumer health and environment.