Truemoney Wallet error after updated to Android 9

TrueMoney Wallet application error, After customers who update to Android version 9. The smartphone are unable to access its. And some customers receive a confirmation message to confirming their identity. But after clicking on the app. They can not find it.

This issue has been impacted since late yesterday. Until now, this is not available yet.

Customers who wish to use this application to pay for goods, services or use financial transactions are experiencing significant problems.

TrueMoney Wallet New version 4.17 has begun to impact users of the Android 9 version of the Android smartphone, making it impossible to spend money in the wallet of the app. Even if you delete and reinstall the app.

There is no clear resolution of this problem. From True. Although in reality, this problem should be resolved quickly.

Because customers have put money into the system.To be able to pay for goods and services are comfortable, But they found that they can not use that own money.

Now, the Wallet or Wallet app is becoming popular. Because of the convenience of living in the digital age. There are several participants in this market.

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