Symphony Communication launched Direct Internet

Symphony Communication Public Company Limited, the leading provider of high-speed communication service had launched its new service, Direct Internet Service for enterprise clients which will enable seamless data and internet connectivity backed with high quality of its extensive fibre network.

This also supports the expansion of a competitive telecommunication business as well as to promote Thailand as a regional hub of telecommunication in accordance with the international standards and to develop and bring Thailand into digital economy.

Mr. Alex Loh, Chief Operating Officer, Symphony Communication Plc., said, “Over the years, we have seen both telecommunication and ICT sectors in Thailand have evolved significantly attributable to robust demand from data usage and technology change.

We launched Direct Internet Service because we see the organic market opportunities and strongly believe that our company’s diverse offerings are able to fulfill our clients’ future needs. In the long run, we have plans to provide more connectivity services bundling together with potential data center facility expansion.

The future national digital transformation which includes Big Data Analysis, upcoming 5G network deployment, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity will definitely drive the wave change in fundamental connectivity demand for enterprises.

Mr. Alex added, “We are leveraging on our strong position as network provider to now shifting towards providing more connectivity services to wide range of enterprises which includes public and private sectors, SMEs and government agencies.

Fully backed by our quality fibre network infrastructure in Bangkok and other major provinces across the country, we are confident that our newly Direct Internet Service will provide enhanced and seamless connectivity services to our enterprise clients.

Together with our established international gateway connection between ASEAN nations, we will further support the increasing demand of bandwidth usage in the region for global enterprises/providers.